Bobbieness Facelift & Happy CNY

This wasn’t planned to coincide, but it just so happens that the day my layout overhaul is complete, it’s Chinese New Year! So firstly I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the new year be filled with blessings and growth in love and maturity.

Secondly – and perhaps the most glaringly obvious – Bobbieness has had a facelift. YES I have a stunning new layout, courtesy of pipdig. In case you hadn’t noticed (lols), my site now looks like this:

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September Sun – Final Leg

This one’s short. Two underwhelming meals (sandwiched between a pretty cool YWAM Christian event, of which I sadly have no photos) and I was jetting back to the UK. At least I had some final rays of September sunshine to enjoy.

J had gone off to a Bachelor’s party at this point, so my Christian colleague/friend kindly invited me to join her and her boyfriend for a meetup of sorts. Stopping on the way to get a portion of the famous In-N-Out Burgers and Animal Fries. If I’m really honest I was a bit more excited at the prospect of burger than Christian event (I hadn’t really heard of the organisation the event was for). Plus, apparently In-N-Out were founded by Christian owners and have Bible verses inked discreetly on their packaging, so quite fitting really.
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So This SF Trip From September… [Napa Valley]

…It’s about time I finished writing about it methinks, don’t you? It’s February 2015 already and I’m still blogging about events that happened almost 5 months ago. Mega. Fail.

I was told that a trip in SF was not complete without a visit to Napa, the local valley of vineyards. We started off at Elyse Winery, where le boyf had a free tasting session for us courtesy of his friend with membership there.

Elyse Winery
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