Bloomin’ Beautiful

Where’ve I been for the past week or so? Chillaxing in not-so-sunny Spain! Some photos to come, but my final pre-Spain adventure was at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in London. I originally hadn’t intended on taking photos as J and I just wanted to enjoy the day and wander around, but once we actually got in it was so pretty I totally couldn’t resist!

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Early Birthday Celebrations: Hakkasan!

Goood morning! Today is a special day. For me, anyway. Becauuuuseeee… it’s my birthday! Today I am officially turning quarter of a century years old oh my gosh that is terrifying 21, yay me! And I will continue to turn 21 again every year for the foreseeable future. Nevermind that I am no longer being ID’d when purchasing alcohol.

My bf’s bday is also in April but as we wouldn’t be able to see each other then, he paid me a visit last week. We decided to celebrate our birthdays in advance so I had two special meals planned, the first of which was the one and only Michelin Starred Hakkasan.

Bobbieness at Hakkasan

I will say this right now: you should not read this post if you are hungry. You are about to be bombarded with foodporn pics that will have you wanting to lick the screen. If you have not eaten yet, I highly recommend getting something to nibble at right now. If your tummy is already satisfied, feel free to read on. Regardless, you will probably end up drooling. You have been warned. View Full Post

(Photo) Dumpin’ Deliciousness

It looks like I didn’t have that many photos left to add for my last post after all, so I’m very pleased to present my final photo dump! These are photos from end December – mid March. There won’t be much commentary, but I did want to just share some photos of the past few months :)

The boyf was back in town and we had tickets to see Mamma Mia! A couple of friends bought them for us as a Christmas gift and it was a great show, thanks so much T & L!

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