The Sunglass Hut & The Golden Gate Bridge

Disclaimer: as far as I know The Sunglass Hut and Golden Gate Bridge have nothing to do with each other. We were just taking photos with our new sunglasses (brought from the Sunglass Hut, and there’s a story about them below) at the Golden Gate Bridge, hence the title. Apologies in advance for any confusion or disappointment, I hope it won’t stop you reading the post ;)

The next day was our last day together, so I took a half day off, and was whisked away to take selfies at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Retail Therapy

It’s quite rare that I ever get a weekend here in London.
Previously every weekend I had free was spent jetting back to my home-home in Coventry for driving lessons, and eventually my driving test a couple of weeks ago (I passed!  Hooray!).
So on a rare and wondrous occasion where I am both in London and the weather is actually decent for once, it’s time to go out and about for a bit.
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PJ’s Bar & Grill – Covent Garden

I want to let you all in on a secret.

But then I worry more and more people would discover it and overcrowd the place until there’s no more room for me.

But at the same time it’s way too good to keep to myself…

Ah, heck, I’ll just tell you guys: Tucked away in a remote side street in Covent Garden is a little gem.  This particular gem goes by the name of “PJ’s Bar & Grill“, and does the best meal I have ever tasted at under £20.

There. I told you. Now stop reading so you don’t find out exactly why it’s so darn amazing.
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