La Tour Eiffel

I just had some of the most amazing meals of my life last week, oh my days! I desperately want to blog about them now before I forget everything… But I have sooo many photos from the past few months to share with you too. So let’s compromise, okay? I’ll just stick to some highlights, try to stuff all the pics into a few more posts, and get you up to date. Sound good?

But this one kinda deserves its own post though.
This one’s a bit special.

See, ever since young Bobbie went to Paris with some Uni pals and climbed to the second floor of the Eiffel tower after dark, breathed in the fresh Parisian air and took in the beautiful scenery and bright lights of the Paris at night, she vowed to one day come back with someone special.

J will do ;)

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A Freakin’ Good Burger.

Le boyf was back in town early November and the first place I wanted to take him was one of my absolute favourite Burger joints in the world: Byron.

I can’t rave about this place enough. It ties for first place in my Top Burgers list with Five Guys. I have an infamous slight burger addiction (at one point I was on minimum 3x burgers/week) so to say these take my top spots are really saying something.

So, yum.
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Akiko’s Restaurant – Sushi Heaven in SF

On one of our last evenings together in SF, my boyfriend took me out for what was undoubtedly the most delicious sushi meal of my life so far.  Practically every mouthful was of the freshest, most buttery, melt-in-your-mouth fish I’d ever tasted.

We went to Akiko’s and ordered the Omakase (chef’s choice), per J’s foodie friend’s recommendation.  And boy were we grateful for that recommendation.  Let me take you on a beautiful journey of mouthwatering morsels.

Are you ready?
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