A New Prayer

(Okay last super personal post I promise, unless you guys don’t mind reading them? I do invite you to join me on this journey… I’m trying to improve, and would love for you to keep me accountable. If anything, I thank you for caring enough to read my story.)

Oh man. These past few weeks have been tough. Not that anything bad has happened to me, but I have noticed issues with my own attitude non-stop.

I’d get mad at things I never got mad at before and my anger would not easily subside. I’d curse, and it’s typically unlike me to ever swear. I would slander people as if I were somehow more righteous than them. I found myself becoming a jealous, selfish, unloving person.

Or perhaps, that’s been a part of me all along that is typically supressed. It’s scary to think that this type of person is hiding in me, but I think there exists an ugly side of every human – hence our sinful human nature.

My prayer for this year – righteousness and holiness – was a dangerous one indeed, and I think in principle it would be a brilliant prayer… if we weren’t living this side of the cross.

As with last year, He responded to my prayer right away. This time, I was put in situations to constantly test my righteousness and holiness, to see if I could somehow control or subdue my sinful nature alone.

It’s only been a few weeks and I have already had my answer loud and clear: I can’t.

But that’s the point. View Full Post

Friday the 13th

DokDok Chicken

For the superstitious, Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. For my mum, the number 13 is lucky. In my case, it happened to be one of the most blessed days I’ve had so far this year. I love that my previous post documented my anxiety during this job hunt and the importance of not losing faith. That was a short week and a half ago, and in the following 7 days of that post, miracles have happened.

The picture above was my celebratory dinner on Friday the 13th, because in those 7 days from 6th – 13th Jan, I was blessed with not one but two very attractive job offers, both at impressive companies, and finally accepted an offer with one of them. I’ve signed the contract and start a week on Monday.

It also happened to be my mum’s birthday (happy birthday, mummy!) and she was thrilled at the offer I’d ended up accepting, saying that was the best birthday gift ever (I feel sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with her, but I did work hard to show her daughter was worth 2 offers and felt fuzzy butterflies when she wrote in our family chat that she was proud of me <3)

The crazy thing is, the company I ended up accepting the offer for only got in touch last week, and initially I thought it couldn’t possibly work out because I was pressed for time and at the end stages of interviews with two other companies already, and I’d begged for Him to let me complete the process that week already.

But I should know by now that that’s never the way He works :) And in a way, I love that – the fact that things just worked out so perfectly, so wonderfully, at the very last minute, are a sign to me that miracles still happen on a daily basis. Some people like to call it fate, but as a Christian, I call it grace, not least because I know that it’s not something I could have ever accomplished on my own. View Full Post

A Minor Update

Do you notice anything different about the site? If the last time you checked was last year, then the answer would probably be no – and that’s a good thing! Pretty much exactly one year ago, my host at the time, Servage, suffered a DDOS attack and lost more or less the whole of my site – all 3 sites I had running at the time, actually. One of them was incredibly personal to me that I kept but nobody visited (I liked it that way – it was a sweet site with a beautiful layout called Summer Sonata, I believe I still own the domain), one was BobbieRecommends, that I gave up in favour of Bobbieness but still kept it up, and of course there was bobbieness.com, this site here.

When Servage lost my site, I was frustrated to say the least. I felt like years of me disappeared. The last time I’d backed up Bobbieness had been March 2015, and Summer Sonata had never been backed up (my bad). Even upon retrieving the majority of Bobbieness, there were still issues on the back end that I couldn’t figure out how to resolve and Servage were altogether not helpful at all. WordPress support advised that they’d need a ___ file from me for them to check the logs, but Servage naturally didn’t have them. Then WordPress noticed that the host I was using was running incredibly old code and full of security holes, and recommended I switched hosting provider asap.

So I started host shopping earlier this year, and with help from an amazing friend/colleague, I switched to Webfaction. Apparently, it’s all backed up for me, my developer friend recommended it, so I’m going to take his word for it that I won’t be losing my site again. View Full Post

A Beautiful Summer Wedding

Forest Row 1

Towards the very end of my 3-ish week trip back to England I took a day off to attend my friend Cindy’s wedding. We met at a Christian camp in Milton Keynes and became close as we shared stories about life and love, Jesus’ work in our lives and God’s guidance through it all. We would call each other every now and again for updates, and even before she was engaged I promised her that one day when she got married I’d attend her wedding.

The timing of everything worked out perfectly and I felt so thankful that I was able to keep my promise. View Full Post