Bobbieness Facelift & Happy CNY

This wasn’t planned to coincide, but it just so happens that the day my layout overhaul is complete, it’s Chinese New Year! So firstly I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the new year be filled with blessings and growth in love and maturity.

Secondly – and perhaps the most glaringly obvious – Bobbieness has had a facelift. YES I have a stunning new layout, courtesy of pipdig. In case you hadn’t noticed (lols), my site now looks like this:

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Akiko’s Restaurant – Sushi Heaven in SF

On one of our last evenings together in SF, my boyfriend took me out for what was undoubtedly the most delicious sushi meal of my life so far.  Practically every mouthful was of the freshest, most buttery, melt-in-your-mouth fish I’d ever tasted.

We went to Akiko’s and ordered the Omakase (chef’s choice), per J’s foodie friend’s recommendation.  And boy were we grateful for that recommendation.  Let me take you on a beautiful journey of mouthwatering morsels.

Are you ready?
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First Ever Supper Club – theboywhoatetheworld

Slight break between my China photo uploads (sorryyy I totally haven’t had time to sort through the rest of the photos!), but I am too excited about this to not share my most recent discovery with you all.

Following my recent fondness of The Taste, I found the blog of one of my favourite contestants on the show, Guan Chua aka theboywhoatetheworld, and subsequently discovered London’s underground restaurant scene: the gastronomic delight known as Supper Clubs.
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The Hawksmoor Review

I promised this place would get its’ own review, so here it is :)

It was pure luck that bought me to Hawksmoor the first time. J3 and I were starving and craving steak, and we just so happened to be in Covent Garden. So good ol’ Google Maps found me the most highly-recommended steak restaurant in the immediate area.

Google was not wrong.

The place was fully booked when we arrived, but thankfully they still had dining tables in the bar area, which served a full menu anyway. Fine by us!
We started with a couple of cocktails.


The Hawksmoor Collins (Gin, Lemon, Campari, Bitters & Soda)
& Their version of Pimm’s. I forget the name.
I had to at least pretend they weren’t both for me.


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