Chinese New Year In Beijing Part II

A thought occurred to me this morning: I suck at speaking in one language.

I switch between languages all the time in my head.  In fact, mid-sentence, my brain will just decide it no longer wants to stick to one language, and ends up stuffing so many thoughts into my head that I can’t even formulate a sentence anymore. “Let’s start thinking in the language you’re not trying to communicate in, Bobbie!”, it says.
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Official Launch: – 5th May 2014!

It’s 5th May 2014. You may have noticed that over the weekend I migrated all my blog posts from to this brand spankin’ new domain with a brand spankin’ new layout plus brand spankin’ new header.

Perhaps I have now overused the phrase ‘brand spankin’ new’.  That’s alright.

So, do you like it??  I’ve had this in mind for a while now, so I’m so pleased that I can finally share it with you.  I still need to tweak a few things in the coding so watch out for a few changes here or there.

Following this launch, I’ve also created a Bobbieness Blog Facebook Page – if you’re lovely enough to care about me thaaat much, feel free to “Like” it <3  I’ve cheated a little in simply changing my Bobbie Sonata profile (previously rather unused) into a Public Figure page, so if you were previously friends with me on that, you’ve automatically been converted to a liker to save you the trouble of going there and doing it yourself ;)

This lurrrvely long weekend was spent chillaxing and lazing around in the sun.  I have so many photos to show you and so much of my life to catch you up on (China photos parts II & III anyone?) – including photos from COCM and my birthday, but I’m knackered now and need sleep.

I’ll write you soon, pinky promise!

Muchos love,