The Military Diet – Day 3

Day 3 was by far the most difficult as you’re only limited to 1100 calories for the day. I knew it would be tough and I’ve read plenty of comments from people who couldn’t get through it without either cheating, or… well, giving up.

It was tough. I woke up on day 3 having had a good 9.5hrs sleep and about 30mins snooze time (would you believe it, I woke up naturally at 8am and freaked out and forced myself back to sleep-ish. I never wake up early).

I believe that affected my weigh-in (although to be fair, I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself until after all 3 days were complete). My morning routine was a bit messed up, I drank about 500ml water before weighing myself so it looked like I even gained 1lb back from the day before. I’m sure this wasn’t the case, however. If anything, it at least made me even more determined to see this final day through.

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The Military Diet – Day 2

Day 2 (Sunday) was a little more challenging. I woke up later than I’d intended and only had a 2hr window to clean the house, have breakfast, lunch and rush off to Church. But that was my fault for being a lazy sod.


Military Diet Day 2

– 1 fried egg
– 1 slice toast
– Half a banana

The egg you could eat however you want. Toast + egg practically begs for the egg to be sunny-side up, so of course I had to deliver. Breakfast was yummy and I was very satisfied after. Read More

The Military Diet – Day 1

I have a backlog of photos that I need to share with you guys but I have something more pressing I need to write about. Today.

If you’ve been following my Facebook or Twitter, you probably saw this one coming. Over the weekend, I went on a diet.

The response I normally get when I tell this to my friends and colleagues is immediately “you don’t need to diet!” or even “what do you even have to lose?? If you lose weight you’ll disappear!”. I wish that were the case. Truthfully, I may not look extra large in my photos, but being ethnically Chinese we work to a different BMI scale than Europeans. Last time I checked, I was in the squeezing-into-healthy-but-bordering-overweight range.

To be fair, given what I normally eat… it probably isn’t surprising!

Bobbieness at Exmouth Coffee Company

So also unsurprisingly, I wanted to slim down to a much healthier BMI for my height.

I know there’s a lot of controversy over weight loss, the ‘perfect figure’ yada yada, I’m definitely not trying to get wrapped up in that. I’m especially not trying to make anyone feel bad if they’re larger than me, but this is a journey that I’m on and I wanted to share it. Read More


Exactly 2 weeks ago today, I turned 21 for the nth time. I kid you not, I seem to have flown to neverland at one point and got myself stuck there. I am literally twenteen. Some day I hope to grow up a little (mentally and physically please!) but that day is obviously yet to come.

But I digress. My birthday is one of those amazing-yet-annoying ones as it lands during the Easter hols.

On the bright side, this means I am usually free and so is everyone else. On the not-so-bright side, everyone else seem to have lives and friends and family to visit/return to, so nobody is around to celebrate with me. Ergo, my options are to either sit around on my lonesome watching property or comedy shows on TV, or go home and visit my family.

I sound like such a miserable old sod but to be honest, I really like chillaxing alone, ordering some take out and watching Location, Location, Location or How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory (apparently this is not normal?). I literally source L,L,L on 4OD and watch re-runs of every episode. You can tell I’m a hoot at parties.

I also love option #2, visiting the fam, which is exactly what I did.

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Bloomin’ Beautiful

Where’ve I been for the past week or so? Chillaxing in not-so-sunny Spain! Some photos to come, but my final pre-Spain adventure was at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in London. I originally hadn’t intended on taking photos as J and I just wanted to enjoy the day and wander around, but once we actually got in it was so pretty I totally couldn’t resist!

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