(Photo) Dumpin’ Deliciousness

It looks like I didn’t have that many photos left to add for my last post after all, so I’m very pleased to present my final photo dump! These are photos from end December – mid March. There won’t be much commentary, but I did want to just share some photos of the past few months :)

The boyf was back in town and we had tickets to see Mamma Mia! A couple of friends bought them for us as a Christmas gift and it was a great show, thanks so much T & L!

Edit December 2016: This was one of the posts that I’d completely lost – it couldn’t even be recovered by the Web Archive, but I dug through my old ftp files when I realised the photos were still there, and managed to find that these were the ones I’d included in this post. This one is purely for preservation purposes. I like looking back and remembering highlights and times that I found precious :)

Muchos love,


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