La Tour Eiffel

I just had some of the most amazing meals of my life last week, oh my days! I desperately want to blog about them now before I forget everything… But I have sooo many photos from the past few months to share with you too. So let’s compromise, okay? I’ll just stick to some highlights, try to stuff all the pics into a few more posts, and get you up to date. Sound good?

But this one kinda deserves its own post though.
This one’s a bit special.

See, ever since young Bobbie went to Paris with some Uni pals and climbed to the second floor of the Eiffel tower after dark, breathed in the fresh Parisian air and took in the beautiful scenery and bright lights of the Paris at night, she vowed to one day come back with someone special.

J will do ;)

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A Weekend In Paris Part II

Last time I’d left you after day 1 (or was it 2?) of beautiful Pa-ree. So today, more pics, including the most delicious salmon I’ve ever, ever had in my life. You guys, it was no joke.

We didn’t have a plan. But we did need food, so after Googling and Yelping (we found Le Reminet via Yelp and that led to one of the best meals of my life thus far, so we were pretty confident with Yelp at this point) we found ourselves in central Paris at a lovely little restaurant called leMacarb.

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A Weekend In Paris

I wasn’t originally going to blog this as I still prefer to keep some memories private, ones that I feel are too precious to be spoken about openly. But having gone through my pics, there are still some that I am dying to share with you.

Again in November, J and I decided we would go for a weekend trip to one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Here are some highlights:

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