Reminiscing a Decade

We live in an era where technology is now crazily advanced and the Internet never forgets. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. I realised after writing my previous post that, actually, there must have been archives of my lost entries somewhere. Lo and behold, 5 short minutes of Googling later, I found it. The WaybackMachine with all my previous posts. Not all the photos are still in tact, but I still have them saved on my computer-machine, so it’s all good :)

I’ve already gone back and added a couple of posts from just before I left London for LA. I thought they would be the only ones I’d miss, but looking back, I miss a lot more. So, eventually, I hope to restore more of this site back to its original state. It’s going to take a long time. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it?

With the loss of this site, I also lost another, for which I didn’t have a back up of the MySQL database (basically means: I was stupid, it’s gone.) Haha, it’s crazy how many blogs I’ve kept over the years, how many little corners of the Internet I’ve commanded since I first started blogging with a secondary school friend back in 2002. I’m actually really thankful for that web archive, because I would have been really sad to have lost it forever. Read More

One Year Later

So my hosting platform crashed and I lost over a years’ worth of posts. I had some stored on my old laptop as well, but I gave the laptop to my family and it broke too, so the posts are really gone now. Not that I posted a helluvalot, but there were some more sentimental ones that I am sad to have lost.

But sometimes, a fresh start is needed.

And sometimes, crazily, a fresh start is exactly what’s about to happen.

Big change is coming once again! I’ll write a proper update when I have some time.

Ah yes, and FYI, Jason and I are no longer together. We split, amicably enough, 6-7 months ago. It happened more or less within a month of me relocating to LA, but was all in God’s plan :) Don’t worry! Everything is fine and we are on friendly terms with one another. We caught up recently and it was just really nice to chat.

We’re unlikely to ever be best buddies, but that’s fine too. I’m just glad we’re on speaking terms and things are no longer awkward between us. After all, no matter what, he is first and foremost my brother in Christ.

God has done some wonderful, wonderful things in my life lately and I’ll write another post about that soon. For the time being, here are some recent LA selfies.

2016-02-01 22.24.26
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