Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt For New Wet Food – Part 5

Hello, it is I, a Rory ball. Mum keeps calling me “a Dora ball” but I don’t know who Dora is, and I am clearly a Rory ball, doing regular Rory things. We both thought that my previous post would be the last one, didn’t we? Well, it’s a good thing I picked some excellent servants who rightfully enjoy spoiling me silly.

They came home with bags of new food and a new toy for me (which I am very happy with!! It’s a tunnel with a fluffy bed and a cute little boll dangling inside the tunnel and I looove it) and as part of their food haul they got me 2 new flavours of Tiki Cat Aloha Friends to try!

They saw how much I loved the regular Tuna & Pumpkin so figured why not get me some of the other recipes for me to try too? I have trained them well, if I may say so myself. I’m glad they have finally learned of my penchant for wet tuna. It took them long enough.

It has been given to me to know that they did not purchase more than one can of each of these two flavours because they weren’t sure how I’d take to them, since the recipes are not purely tuna. They got me loads of cans of the regular tuna & pumpkin as well as ahi tuna ones that I loved before though. Good servants.

So, here I am, trying out more flavours for your benefit, of course. I know that you wanted to hear from me again. It’s totally not for my benefit, nope, not at all. Try to curb your enthusiasm as you read through this okay? I know you must be very excited.

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Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt for New Wet Food – Part 4

Hello. It is I, the cutest cutie in this household. My peasants went shopping for more food for me and I have it on good faith that they cleared out the Tiki Cat aisle for me. While my mum denies this, she can confirm that during their food shop they also got me two more new flavours to try.

They saw how much I loved the Aloha Friends Tuna & Pumpkin recipe so got me some of the other Aloha Friends flavours. The new flavours will contain more new fish that I’ve never tried before so I am looking forward to it, and, lucky you, you get to hear from me once more after this post.

I know, I know, it’s the best news you’ve read all day. Try to contain yourself. There should be another post from me in a couple of days but, in case you can’t wait that long, you can re-read all of my reviews so far and enjoy my blep in the meantime. I give the most adorable bleps.

Blep. Thank you.

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Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt for New Wet Food – Part 3

Um… hi. I’m back. I ate more food and I have more thoughts. Did you miss me? Here’s another photo of my beautiful face and my cute little paws. It’s an older photo so I’m even smoller here. I know, I’m adorable! But more importantly, I have Tiki Cat food reviews for you!

I got two new cans over the past couple of days and… well… they weren’t bad. I can see that my peasants parents were trying. 10/10 for their valiant effort to get me flavours they thought I’d like. It’s possible that my taste buds have just changed as I’ve grown older, but I think my desire for chicken flavour has also been impacted by my recent bout of food poisoning à la Stella & Chewy’s.

Mum still hasn’t gotten round to returning that bag yet. She was previously too upset about me getting sick from it and worried that she’d get unjustly angry at the poor store employees if she went too soon after the incident. Then recently she’s either felt unwell or has been too busy with work.

Poor mum.

She does need to go to the pet food store though…I’m running out of Tiki Cat flavours! She needs to go buy me more food soon! …Maybe not either of these flavours though. I mean, I don’t hate them? But they’re not my favourites.

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Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt for New Wet Food – Part 2

Hello, it is I, your Rory-al Highness. Last time I got sick from that awful freeze-dried food. Mum and dad are now certain it was due to that food because they stopped giving it to me and I stopped throwing up the next day. Good thing my humans have some degree of awareness. I swear, the things I have to deal with when it comes to them sometimes, sigh.

Anyways, you are reading this post now because my loyal peasants have finally provided me with more food to taste, so I am here with my royal review of the new flavours they’ve given me. I have it in good faith that they have purchased a total of eight different flavours of Tiki Cat for me to try, and I shall be giving my royal verdict on all of them.

I am not in the slightest bit excited, this is clearly as it should be. I deserve to be treated like royalty. Look how regal I am.

My servants have declared I must go back to calling them “mum” and “dad”. Sigh, they are so needy sometimes. I have to follow them everywhere to make sure they’re not distraught by the lack of my presence. Especially when they open the pantry door where all my food is kept, I definitely need to go in there to supervise and make sure they don’t end up giving me the wrong food – or, worse, no food at all. The horror.

Without further ado, here is my royal decree. We (the royal “we”, of course) are reviewing two more Tiki Cat tuna recipes today.

…I’m not excited, you’re excited. Did I tell you that I wasn’t excited? I’m definitely not excited.

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Kitten Diaries: I Threw Up

Hello, it’s me, Rory. I’m back again in this next instalment of trying to find me my new favourite food. I know you’ve all been waiting for this with bated breath so I’m here to put you out of your misery. You’re welcome.

So where were we? Oh, yes. Well, after mum gave me that delicious tuna dish the first time I thought dad was going to give me some at breakfast the next day. I was so eccitedddd!!

Well, you can imagine my dismay when all I got was my usual Kiwi wet food and some mushy freeze-dried food mum gave me. It was mushy because mum added water, but mainly because it mostly mushy pieces of the new packet of food that came out of the automatic feeder last night along with crumbs of the previous packet.

The new packet mum opened felt softer and the pellets were just falling apart as they hit the bowl. Mum thought the pellets should have held their shape better and crumbled too easily. There were so many crumbs in this packet from the very start and it felt wetter than the previous one. She didn’t want to give it to me but dad said it smelled fine.

I didn’t even finish it. Did they think they could get away with giving me crummy leftovers? How rude! I also didn’t finish my Kiwi food at first, but after running around then resting for a bit I went back and ate it all. But then all of a sudden I didn’t feel so good…

I’m not sure if the food was bad or I just ate too much (shouldn’t have gone for seconds!) but I ended up throwing up in the bathroom. Mum got so worried and was thinking of returning this packet of freeze-dried food if I got sick again. Dad thought I just ate too much and shouldn’t have gone back for seconds because I was still my hyper self but mum thought it might be this packet of freeze-dried food.

I’ve been eating a little less for breakfast anyway lately, and didn’t finish my breakfast the day before either. I’m over 8 months old now so my appetite’s just naturally declining, my poor mum and dad are such n00b pet parents they have no idea. I’m not going to tell them though because I want them to keep giving me lots of food. I looove food. Darn that small stomach of mine!

They still decided to feed me less and monitor me for the rest of the day though. Noooo! My foooood…

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