Sake no Hana

My food adventure through London-town was almost over, but I had one final stop that I had been seriously looking forward to for weeks already. As soon as my friend posted a list of top places to eat sushi in London (yes, she works for BuzzFeed and has a blue tick on Twitter and real followers on Facebook – #claimtofame), I insisted we go to the one that instantly caught my eye: Sake no Hana.

The Japanese sister to its Cantonese counterpart, Hakkasan, which ended up being my favourite dim sum place in London (I had previously blogged about this but the post was among those lost by Servage), Sake no Hana also comes with a set menu that is terrific value for money. I was dead excited to try it.

This one, I had been determined to blog about properly.

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Food, Glorious Food

At one point, the tagline for my site was “this is not a food blog, but most of it is about food”. I think at one point, I might give up on pretending it’s not a food blog and just turn it into one. Until then, I will continue to stubbornly insist it’s simply a personal blog because sometimes I buy expensive shoes and write about them.

Still, everyone’s talking about Halloween and here I am posting about food. Really, I haven’t changed, lol! Ah well, I can’t help it if I just so happen to eat a lot and thoroughly enjoy doing it.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf. I guess I need some other excuse because lately I have dined embarrassingly well.

Back in July, I went back to the UK on a half-business, half-personal trip. The primary purpose was to spend time back at our London HQ office for a week, but I was able to extend my stay, giving me more time to get to know new colleagues but also visit my family and attend a friend’s wedding.

I spent about 2 weeks in London in total, during which time I more or less met up with different friends every day (night). When catching up after work, there is only one rightful place to do it: over dinner. Sorry for the terrible photo quality in some of these; I only had my iPhone 5S and was much more excited about the idea of stuffing food into my stomach than photographing it to perfection #glutton #fat #sorrynotsorry.

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Counting Blessings

I’ve been terrible with taking photos lately because I’ve been spending as much time as I possibly could enjoying the prescence of friends who have been kind enough to arrange farewell coffees/dinners/drinks with me.

A while back I was stressing so bad about logistics of moving that I hadn’t been able to just enjoy my last few weeks in the UK, but thankfully offers of practical help have been pouring in from Christian brothers & sisters in LA, making everything a lot easier to cope with. I don’t have everything sorted, but I have everything I need.

And when I announced that I was leaving soon, the number of private messages I received from friends wishing me well, arranging to meet etc. was beyond what I had ever dared to hope for.

In the past week, I literally do not remember having a single meal alone. The next sequence of (iPhone) pics & selfies will only offer a faint idea of all the love I’ve been showered with recently, but they will be enough for me to look back and reflect on with fondness forever.

2015-06-28 14.55.30
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Market Hopping

A few weeks ago my friend took me on a market crawl.

If there’s one thing I love more than food, it’s wandering around (& eating my way through) food markets full of… food.

As it happens, my lovely friend shares the exact same hobby. And she knows exactly where to go, so you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me if I “wanted to explore some of London’s finest food markets with her?”

Yes please! (As if I would say no.)

We started our journey at Broadway Market. Initially I wasn’t going to take any photos and just spent the whole time eating. But you know me, I love a bit of #foodporn. Within 10mins my trusty camera was out and I couldn’t stop snapping. How could I resist!

Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
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Pretty Sweet

Sometimes food is so pretty it hurts to eat it.

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