Bullet Journal: January Setup

It’s been a while! Yes, I have still been using my bullet journal but I haven’t really been writing about it. I haven’t done elaborate spreads, and if anything they’ve become a lot more basic, but they’re fit for purpose. It’s a new year! But instead of doing a bunch of new year spreads, I kind of just continued my single page 1mo spreads because there isn’t enough going on in my life for each week to warrant its own double spread anymore.

I decorated January’s a little more than usual, but pretty much my spreads just look like this:

This is to be used for the entire month, and if I end up needing more space I’ll just add another page to it as I go along. I don’t add mood or habit trackers anymore because I don’t think I do enough of them per week/month to warrant tracking. That said, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have started to do my skincare a lot more now that I’ve broken out my new ESPA products heh, and especially since it’s been colder lately so my skin has been really dry. Maybe I will start tracking again at some point, but for now it’s not necessary.

One thing I will be tracking, though, is a monthly resolution. Last year’s resolution to memorise Romans 8 failed, but this year I’ll be aiming to have mini-resolutions on a monthly basis that are easily achievable. For January, I will be aiming to read Romans 8 once through every day. This is totally doable, and by the end of the month, having read it once per day, I’d hope that I’d be able to remember a good chunk of it already.

Plus, taking time to read it will give me time to internalise the words as well, rather than just memorising and spewing out words meaninglessly. It shouldn’t take me more than 2-5min per day, and if I really can’t find the time to do that on a daily basis there’s probably going to be a deeper heart issue that I’ll need to look into.The monthly resolution I can track at the bottom of the page by writing the days in and just crossing off each day that I’ve done.

I like my basic spread! It’s simple but it’s cute and it should work well for me, that’s the most important part I feel :) It doesn’t take long to set up and is easy for me to use. Hopefully this new year will bring a new degree of productivity.

Muchos love,


Diet: What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

YAY the video is live~ I’m so happy I was finally able to complete the edits and upload it. I actually had a lot of fun editing it after iMovie started playing ball again, and I think I would definitely like to do another one some time.

Ironically, I actually gained a little weight after the video. However, that was the week before my period and we all know what happens then… Yep, extra water retention plus bloating. Don’t worry it went back down afterwards, but those are some of the foods I love to eat on my diet that are also low calorie, higher-protein, and filling to boot.

Not sure if anyone is actually going to watch it because it’s definitely not as exciting as other videos out there, plus my mukbang ends when I’m full, which is definitely rare in the world of mukbang on YouTube I think hahaha. Please let me know if you enjoyed the video!

Muchos love,


Diet: What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

Hello! I figured I could try to do one of these posts so, if you’re interested, you can see what my diet looks like these days. I do seem to be consistently losing a little weight every week right now while eating these foods — that was the goal, after all — and what I’m eating is definitely a little different from what I was eating before. I am really not used to doing these so I kinda forgot to take photos half the time (gah!) but at least I can write down what I ate.

I try to switch up my meals daily but keep them healthy and balanced as best as I can. I also like to have at least one of Coach Greg’s recipes every day. What I eat really varies a lot, but here’s a snapshot of one day!

Date: 8th September 2020

Meal 1: greek yoghurt, figs, berries, oat milk latte.

I did not add honey to my bowl because the figs were sweet enough for me. The latte in the tall glass was for Jacky. I am lactose intolerant but it seems that no-fat milk is actually acceptable for my stomach.

I don’t love the taste of greek yoghurt though, and my yoghurt-to-fruit ratio was a bit high for my liking, so I actually gave some of my spoonful to Jacky because I felt like it was too much for me. I definitely enjoyed it. I loved the fruit, and I’m glad I ate the greek yoghurt for the health benefits.

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Health & Fitness: Week 37, 2020

Week 37 runs from Monday 7th September — Sunday 13th September, 2020.

For more information on what, why and how I’m tracking everything, including my health & fitness goals, please click here. To skip to the end of week summary, please click here.

The Week in Fitness & Food

9/7 – Monday. Rest (ish).

Today was Labour Day in the US so Jacky had the day off. Because he had the day off we just lazed around and had a leisurely breakfast this morning instead of exercising. I was also feeling a little tired and sluggish, probably because it’s been so hot lately, but also because I slept late last night.

In the afternoon we decided to go to a nearby mall to walk around, be outside but not actually outside, and — more importantly — get me Cinnabon. Haha. There were loads of sales going on but I was just interested in the Cinnabon buy-one-plus-a-drink-and-get-one deal. I ate half of one and am saving the rest for another day.

I didn’t exercise today, so I took a random photo just now. The top I’m wearing looks a little large for me and the bat wings under my arms look to have shrunk significantly, both of which are perfectly fine by me haha.

To be honest, I’m very not used to not exercising two days in a row anymore, especially if one of those days is on Monday. Or maybe it’s just I’m really not used to not exercising on a Monday (I did walk a lot more than usual but it was only 6,000 steps). I feel a bit bleurgh and want to work out. It’s too late now because it’s bedtime, but I cannot wait to get back to challenging my body again tomorrow.

I’m taking that as a good sign because I’ve learned that exercise is a reward and it is a joy and pleasure to take care of my body by pushing it to grow stronger. I love working out now; I love working hard during a workout, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m able to do one more rep than last time, I love the challenge of keeping good form, I love how energised I feel afterwards.

I did do my weekly pushup test today though!! I did 10 elbows-out knee pushups with actual good form (Jacky was very impressed) plus 3 more where my form was getting increasingly poorer. I then did 1 elbows-in knee pushup with good form (I think?) before I collapsed. I rested for a few minutes and was able to do 5 more elbows-out knee pushups. Result!

There was no change in my weight, but that’ll probably go up tomorrow given my Cinnabon and lack of exercise heh heh.



Awoke Feeling

01:2509:258hrs4hr 45minNoneSomewhat rested122.4lbs
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Bullet Journal: September Setup

Hello hello! This post is late, I do apologise! I have no excuse except I was in the throes of an awful YouTube addiction last week, so I never got round to writing this post. Then I quit digital entertainment (story for another time) and I’m finally back on track with writing.

September’s set up is fairly different because I realised that I really wasn’t using my journal much in August. Probably because of aforementioned YouTube addiction that was causing me to not want to do anything except lazily let my brain rot through hours of entertainment on a daily basis so production level was at an all-time low, but also I realised there were just some pages that weren’t working for me.

Bullet journalling is all about exploring and amending to fit your individual needs, so for September, I have made a few amendments:

basic september bullet journal design
  1. Removed my reading and dates tracker – I realised I really… didn’t need those.
    • In terms of reading, it was to track reading books as a habit, but it’s no longer something I care to track. I am not really interested in how many pages of a book I read in a month anymore.
    • In terms of dates, Jacky and I hang out together regularly at home and we still aren’t really going out-out due to COVID; I realised it wasn’t really important for me to track all the different TV episodes we were watching together and put a ‘date’ label on them.
  2. Added a “Bobbieness post ideas” section – so I can write down post ideas that I want to do for the month without necessarily scheduling them for any specific day.
  3. Added a ‘key dates’ section, as well as a mini calendar on each page. I wanted one, so I added one. It makes life much easier than having to refer to my Google calendar each time I wanted to check the dates.
  4. Shrunk my brain dump section – I’m trying out a notes section on every weekly spread so I don’t need a large monthly brain dump page anymore. I’ve mainly been using those for recipes and meal planning anyway.
  5. Changed up my habit trackers – I didn’t want to keep turning to the front page, and I realised I was trying to ‘track’ too much. I decided to just turn the habits I wanted to keep tracking into tasks on my weekly spread, but noting which ones I wanted to track on my month summary spread.
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