21 Again – Part 2


Following on from Part 1, this is a story I want to tell in full as it really warms my heart! I was about to head home anyway when I received the text from my housemate but most certainly had not been expecting company. Confused, I asked her who she was talking about?

She told me 3 guys had shown up that she didn’t know, but they left since I wasn’t in. She had met one of them before. I deduced two of them to be Ryan and Jon, and gave Ryan a call. It turns out they had stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and drop something off but were already on their way back home since I wasn’t there. We had just missed each other.

I wasn’t even disappointed since the mere thought of that gesture had been so sweet! I thanked them, said I thought it was a shame that I wasn’t able to thank them in person but could understand that they were tired. I live around the corner from Roberto & Bean so I arrived home a few minutes later.

I walked in to see a bunch of cupcakes on the table, wondering if that’s what they dropped off, but didn’t touch them in case they were my housemate’s instead. I did look around to see if they’d left anything else, but nope, didn’t look like it. I still had groceries to unload from our grocery shop during the day and had just about finished putting everything back before plopping down on my bed to rest… only to receive a text from the third and final guy I hadn’t deduced, DC:

“Hey Crystina, happy birthday. We stopped by but you weren’t home. Hope you had a great day!” Followed by this vid. I was sooo touched I almost cried! I thanked them and told them they were the best, and that it was the sweetest thing ever.

He replied, “No we’re not… if we were, we would’ve stayed”. I’d hardly finished responding when my doorbell rang and who should be singing happy birthday again at my doorstep with guitar, cajon and vocals?


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21 Again – Part 1


One month ago, on 4/4, I turned 21 for the n-th time. It was truly special; full of joy, laughter and a couple of firsts, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved on a birthday before.

What ensued was more or less a week of celebration, with a 3-birthday combined party the night before my birthday and a ridiculously sweet surprise to end my actual birthday. Sorry, all photos taken on iPhone, I got lazy about taking an actual camera around with me, plus so much of it was unexpected.

To start, my dad flew out to LA to visit. He arrived on Thursday 3/31 and stayed for a week, literally just to celebrate my birthday with me and see how my life is in LA. I’d told my family about how much I loved Santa Monica and my CBCWLA family, and naturally my family were relieved albeit curious. He had free time, so came to visit.

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Exactly 2 weeks ago today, I turned 21 for the nth time. I kid you not, I seem to have flown to neverland at one point and got myself stuck there. I am literally twenteen. Some day I hope to grow up a little (mentally and physically please!) but that day is obviously yet to come.

But I digress. My birthday is one of those amazing-yet-annoying ones as it lands during the Easter hols.

On the bright side, this means I am usually free and so is everyone else. On the not-so-bright side, everyone else seem to have lives and friends and family to visit/return to, so nobody is around to celebrate with me. Ergo, my options are to either sit around on my lonesome watching property or comedy shows on TV, or go home and visit my family.

I sound like such a miserable old sod but to be honest, I really like chillaxing alone, ordering some take out and watching Location, Location, Location or How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory (apparently this is not normal?). I literally source L,L,L on 4OD and watch re-runs of every episode. You can tell I’m a hoot at parties.

I also love option #2, visiting the fam, which is exactly what I did.

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The Greenhouse Restaurant

Last Sunday we went to Hakkasan and had the best dim sum meal of our lives. Monday was part 2 of our be-earlied birthday celebrations.

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Early Birthday Celebrations: Hakkasan!

Goood morning! Today is a special day. For me, anyway. Becauuuuseeee… it’s my birthday! Today I am officially turning quarter of a century years old oh my gosh that is terrifying 21, yay me! And I will continue to turn 21 again every year for the foreseeable future. Nevermind that I am no longer being ID’d when purchasing alcohol.

My bf’s bday is also in April but as we wouldn’t be able to see each other then, he paid me a visit last week. We decided to celebrate our birthdays in advance so I had two special meals planned, the first of which was the one and only Michelin Starred Hakkasan.

Bobbieness at Hakkasan

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