Review: The Daily Paper Dotted Notebook

It has officially been an entire year since I purchased and started using this notebook as a bullet journal. I am still using it and enjoying it immensely, so it’s about time for a review, I think. The product I purchased was The Daily Paper’s A5 dotted notebook with numbered pages because, honestly, way too lazy to number all the pages by hand.

At the time of purchase, it was only $9.54 + tax, which, for what you’re getting, I feel is an absolute steal. As a bullet journaling novice, I wasn’t about to spend $40 on a dotted notebook, and this one turned out to be perfect for me. I’m slightly devastated that it no longer seems to be in stock and their website is currently down for updates because I can’t recommend this notebook enough.

I apologise in advance for the inconsistent lighting in these photos. I’m bad at photo editing, especially in Mac Preview. That said, I did try to get the colour of the notebook to as true-to-life as I could.

There are 183 total numbered pages, along with multiple other helpful pages that a BuJo may need. If you are an avid bullet journalist and enjoy creating your own spreads for everything then it probably won’t be the right fit for you. I’m a very basic beginner who had very little idea what I was doing, so the default spreads helped a lot.

The 120 gsm paper has been great for me, it’s decently thick and bleeding through pages is hardly a problem unless I’m really going for it with my highlighters. I switched to Mildliner Brushes a few months ago and they’ve been brilliant on this paper with minimal bleeding.

The vegan leather cover is delightful. It’s soft and durable, and while I have made sure to take good care of my notebook in the first place, there are barely any signs of wear on the cover, and it still feels as smooth and soft as the day I got it.

I’m also impressed with the elastic band and pen enclosure. It’s a thick elastic band that has not lost any of its elasticity over the past year (though to be fair, I am not a heavy BuJo user). The pen enclosure is large so I’ve been able to squish a couple of pens in there at a time, but you’ll definitely only want to hold pens with clips to keep them in place. A singular pencil will undoubtedly fall out.

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Review: XP-PEN Deco Pro S

It’s been a long time since I had a tablet, and I really felt like I needed one again because using the Apple Trackpad 2 was starting to hurt my fingers. After a bit of research I decided to go with the XP-PEN Deco Pro Small. It comes in a small or medium size, but as you can see from the above photo, it is really not that small! In fact, it’s larger in width than my new M1 MacBook Pro. I’ve only had it for a couple of days, so this review is just my initial thoughts.

It comes well-packaged, everything is individually sealed so I was very confident my product was brand new. Upon opening the box, you’ll find the tablet and a pen holder that contains both the pen itself and 8 replaceable pen nibs. The lid of the pen holder can be used as a pen stand. As well as the tablet being sealed, there is another layer of protective film over the surface.

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Electronics: M1 Apple MacBook Pro

Oh man. Remember how I wrote that my employer decided to buy me a new device for work? Well, it’s here! I’m typing on it right now. It’s much lighter than my previous MBP and it is much faster, as one would expect. It took a couple of hours to set up but actually, now that I think of it, setting up and transferring thousands of files in a couple of hours really isn’t too bad.

Opening applications or starting it up hasn’t been as lightning fast as I was expecting given what I saw of it online, but its speed did shock me when I put my laptop into clamshell mode and my external monitors did not even blink. I thought it meant the laptop didn’t work properly in clamshell mode, but actually it had already switched modes!

I should have expected the silver version when it arrived – duh, that’s what I ordered. But the colour still surprised me a little because this is the first silver MBP I’ve seen of Apple’s new lineup. All of the device reviews or model devices I’ve seen have been grey. Now that I’ve got the silver version, I do quite like it but I think the grey actually looks more sophisticated.

I thought I’d hate the touch bar because I just didn’t see the point in it. However, within 10mins of using it I fell in love. It’s so much faster to use than moving the mouse around to click the right buttons, and being someone who uses hotkeys like nobody’s business it’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed haha. The only downside is that I sometimes end up clicking buttons on it by mistake when I’m going for the delete key.

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Fitness: Chloe Ting Resistance Bands – Initial Review

If you’re lurking here from Discord, or even if you aren’t, I have a small surprise… look what arrived in the mail today!!

That’s right. I got a set of Chloe Ting resistance bands. I haven’t yet used them so this is more of an unboxing/initial impressions review. But first thing’s first: isn’t the packaging simply adorable? I love that it’s recyclable but I’m probably going to keep the box for storage because it’s so cute.

Once you open the box you are greeted with a colourful background with Chloe’s signature words of encouragement. You also receive 3 individually packaged bands along with a cute cloth bag, and a card with with care instructions etc.

The bands are made of thick but soft material, they stretch well and also look beautiful. Look at those gorgeous pastel colours. The different colours represent different levels of resistance.

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How I Protect My Eyes From Digital Eye Strain

Hi there. Do you spend a lot of time staring at a screen? Your eyes are straining, but not looking at a digital monitor is not an option? You want to protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome as much as possible, especially now that we’re all quarantined at home? Then this one is for you.

It’s been over a year since I’ve taken these steps and they have been very effective for me, so I wanted to share these in case it can help you too.

I have always had 20/20 vision. However, my previous occupations required staring a laptop for 9hrs+ per day, and eventually I realised that towards the end of the day, my vision would be going blurry, my eyes would be dry and I’d have regular headaches etc. It would be okay the next day after I’d had a good night’s rest, but the same thing would happen the next evening.

I became frightened when I was driving home one day and realised that even the pedestrian countdown timer that I once saw with full clarity had become so blurry I could barely make out the numbers anymore.

I suddenly recalled the time we were purchasing a new pair of glasses for my sister in China, and the salesperson had asked if she wanted a pair that filtered out blue light from screens. That’s when it clicked that all the blue light coming through all these screens were probably doing a number on my body and my eyesight.

So I did some research, and found this pair of glasses on Amazon that supposedly filtered out 50% of harmful blue light. They were inexpensive and I figured I’d give them a try.

It’s been over a year since I started wearing them and my verdict is this: These. Are. Amazing.

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