Read Bible With Me: John, ESV

I’m aiming to upload reading through the entire Bible at some point. I’ve finally finished recording Romans and 1 Corinthians so Paul’s longer epistles is now complete, along with all the New Testament epistles!

I’m now into recording the Gospels and Acts, but given my upload speed it’ll probably take a long time before I’ll be done with them. I’m starting with John since it’s the gospel I’m most familiar with, then we’ll see how it goes. It’s been almost 3 years since I started. You can literally see me getting older as I record more of these videos haha. Thanks for reading with me!

The full playlist is here:

Individual books/chapters are below:

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Faith: YouTube Bible Reading Update 2022

The last time I wrote a reading update post was May of last year. I’ve now finally finished reading through all the epistles in the New Testament.

A project that I began over two years ago is finally partially complete. I am still aiming to upload reading the Bible in full, but for now I want to celebrate this milestone. It’s taken far longer than I’d anticipated or hoped it would, but we’re finally here.

What’s next? I hope to move on to the gospels and then the Old Testament. I’ll start with John, then Mark, then Matthew and finally Luke-Acts. Not in chronological order, but in order of the gospel I’m probably most familiar with, then the shortest, then Matthew because Luke-Acts was originally one book and it doesn’t make sense to split them.

Not gonna lie, I’d forgotten my original plan and thought I’d read Revelation as well but it looks like I haven’t. That works out perfectly though – I should leave the final (and one of my favourite) book until the end. If you’re interested, feel free to read with me!

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Faith: YouTube Bible Reading Update

This week I was finally able to get more Bible reading recorded. I’m so glad, because it’s something that I’d wanted to do for a while but had been put on the back burner due to more pressing tasks in life (I’ll write more on that in another post some time. I’ve also been meaning to blog, but that’s been even more difficult to make time for).

I’ve now finished reading through all the shorter epistles, and they can be found here. Whew! I had originally planned to read Hebrews through Revelation directly, but Revelation is the last book of the Bible (as well as being one of my favourite books) so when I got there, I realised I wanted to read it last.

My plan now is to go back and finish reading Paul’s longer epistles (Romans & 1 Corinthians), then read through the gospels, then go back through the Old Testament, and finally finish with Revelation.

Speaking of which, I’ve already started Romans and have updated both my blog post and my relevant YouTube playlist. I just realised that it’s already been over a year since I started doing this! I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to, but I am plodding away slowly.

It’s been a bit strange for me in my devotionals because I am unintentionally skipping around the Bible so much in my reading these days that I don’t really know where to do my devos from anymore. We’re studying through Ephesians in Friday fellowship, 2 Corinthians in my family Bible study on Saturday mornings (we recently finished Revelation), Colossians as our Sunday series, and Jacky and I were also previously studying through Galatians with a couple of sisters locally.

On top of that, I’m slowly working my way through reading recordings. For most of these recordings, I will read through the book or passage multiple times to become more familiar with them; to better understand the flow so that I’d be able to better express the contained notions and emotions in my reading, and hopefully also make fewer errors when I finally come to record it.

Most of the time, the passages I’m reading don’t align with the passages I’m studying… so… it’s been a bit strange. As I write this, I realise that following a devo plan would probably be of great benefit to me, so that I can still do all of these other studies whilst ensuring I do not neglect my own personal time with God.

Ah, I’ve really missed blogging. I love being able to write to help me process my thoughts. Please do bear with me, because I do just write whatever comes to mind, and a lot of the time my many thoughts are a jumbled mess. Writing helps me reflect and organise my thoughts so that I can process them. Often times, it helps inspire solutions to problems I’m dealing with. It’s great for me, but I can see how for anyone reading it can get confusing haha.

I was also very encouraged when a non-believer friend of mine messaged me to say she really enjoyed listening to me read Bible, even though she doesn’t believe. While my desire is that she will come to know the love of Jesus, simply knowing that a non-Christian is willing to listen to me read Bible fills me with great joy. (I know God’s Word is attractive to those He wishes to call, and is alone enough to convict and bring whomever He chooses to repentance as He desires.) Shoutout and much love to her if she’s reading this <3

On an unrelated but also slightly related note, a stranger messaged me on Discord saying that I was the one of the reasons she decided to go ahead and do a Chloe Ting challenge! Yay! That just made me so happy. Actually when she first reached out I thought she got the wrong person because nobody outside of my friend circle had ever reached out to say I’d had an influence in their decision before. Then when we realised she did actually mean me, I was blown away.

So, if you’re someone who actually cares about my life in some way, shape or form, thank you for reading / watching. I really appreciate it!



Diet: What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

YAY the video is live~ I’m so happy I was finally able to complete the edits and upload it. I actually had a lot of fun editing it after iMovie started playing ball again, and I think I would definitely like to do another one some time.

Ironically, I actually gained a little weight after the video. However, that was the week before my period and we all know what happens then… Yep, extra water retention plus bloating. Don’t worry it went back down afterwards, but those are some of the foods I love to eat on my diet that are also low calorie, higher-protein, and filling to boot.

Not sure if anyone is actually going to watch it because it’s definitely not as exciting as other videos out there, plus my mukbang ends when I’m full, which is definitely rare in the world of mukbang on YouTube I think hahaha. Please let me know if you enjoyed the video!

Muchos love,


Read Bible With Me: Hebrews – Jude, ESV

I’m aiming to upload reading through the entire Bible at some point. I’ve just finished up recording Paul’s shorter epistles and am now going into the final books of the New Testament.

Hebrews is traditionally attributed to Paul, but the author is not made clear, so I’ve categorised it separately. We’re in the final few books of the New Testament now, then I’ll probably do Paul’s longer letters, then the Gospels and Acts, before looping back to start from Genesis. Thanks for reading with me!

The full playlist is here:

Individual books/chapters are below:

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