Entertainment: Doom At Your Service

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Okie dokie. I am a huge fan of Park Bo-young, I think she is an incredible actress and I love her chemistry with her leading men. But I also can’t handle dumb writing or horror elements so I’m sad to say I haven’t been able to finish watching a single drama she’s been in, lol.

I’m not as big of a fan of Seo In-guk and initially thought, with a title like “Doom At Your Service”, it would also be scary. But social media got me. Lol. I’ve been seeing clips of it everywhere and eventually read a recap of the first two episodes online. And I loved it.

There’s just something about the plot that interests me. I mean, there are parts that don’t make sense to me but everything else is just done so well and it seems like things align within its fantasy world, so I’m willing to look past those bits. In addition, I love PBY’s character.

Usually I’m content to just read the recaps without watching, but this drama contains so much beauty and nuance that it really must be watched to be appreciated. I’ve started watching it and so far I’m enjoying it a lot.

Note this contains spoilers for the first 2 episodes so proceed with caution!

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Entertainment: What Dramas Am I Watching This Month?

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Alrighty, it’s been a while since I updated my list haha. Maybe I should just change the title to ‘the last six months’ or something to be more accurate, but I’ll leave it as is haha. We cancelled our Netflix subscription in protest of a film that Netflix added, and unfortunately, since Netflix hasn’t removed that film, we aren’t re-subscribing for now.

I haven’t actually watched many dramas these days anyway, and I’ve primarily just been reading recaps for the ones I thought sounded interesting… apart from one. Ohhh boy. This one is an absolute gem. This one, I do watch.

I typically refuse to watch ongoing dramas but I cannot hold back with this one. My hubs even likes it so much he watches it with me. We also recommended it to his parents a couple of weeks ago and his mum binge-watched all the released episodes in one day (9hrs worth! Lol!)

It stars one of my favourite actresses of all time and I just love it. I’m disappointed there aren’t full recaps so I’m kind of tempted to write my own, but I don’t think I have time or dedication to do that these days, so I’ll just talk about it a little here for now.

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Diet: What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

YAY the video is live~ I’m so happy I was finally able to complete the edits and upload it. I actually had a lot of fun editing it after iMovie started playing ball again, and I think I would definitely like to do another one some time.

Ironically, I actually gained a little weight after the video. However, that was the week before my period and we all know what happens then… Yep, extra water retention plus bloating. Don’t worry it went back down afterwards, but those are some of the foods I love to eat on my diet that are also low calorie, higher-protein, and filling to boot.

Not sure if anyone is actually going to watch it because it’s definitely not as exciting as other videos out there, plus my mukbang ends when I’m full, which is definitely rare in the world of mukbang on YouTube I think hahaha. Please let me know if you enjoyed the video!

Muchos love,


Read Bible With Me: Hebrews – Jude, ESV

I’m aiming to upload reading through the entire Bible at some point. I’ve just finished up recording Paul’s shorter epistles and am now going into the final books of the New Testament.

Hebrews is traditionally attributed to Paul, but the author is not made clear, so I’ve categorised it separately. We’re in the final few books of the New Testament now, then I’ll probably do Paul’s longer letters, then the Gospels and Acts, before looping back to start from Genesis. Thanks for reading with me!

The full playlist is here:

Individual books/chapters are below:

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Music: A Little Sweet

Are you having a bad day? In need of a little pick me up? Or just want to listen to something sweet? I randomly remembered 3 words of this song then found it on YouTube, and I’ve basically been listening to it on repeat this morning.

This song is soooo cute!!

It’s called “A Little Sweet” by Wang Sulong and it’s shot straight to the top of my Songs of the Month playlist. It’s just so cheerful and adorable, and so I really wanted to share it with you because no matter where we are we can all do with a little more joy in our lives.

Music has a way of affecting our moods dramatically, so while Taylor is still a treat to listen to, I’m a little over the summer blues and wistful nostalgia for now. My favourite Chinese artist, JJ Lin, also released some new songs recently so you’ll probably see more Chinese songs on the list this month!

Anyways, here are the lyrics in Simplified Chinese (you can find the Traditional lyrics in the video description as well as the video itself) and my translation. It’s in the format of a conversation between a couple so I’ve also added who’s singing, otherwise it won’t make as much sense:

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