When You Get Bored And…

…chop your hair off!

Haha. It’s getting really hot these days, I am about a month away from having a baby and fully intend to do confinement afterwards, including not washing my hair for a while. I am no stranger to grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping off my hair in front of my bathroom mirror, so last night I figured, “Why not?”

The plan had been to cut my hair next month so that if the haircut sucked no one would see me for a month anyway. But things don’t always go according to plan! I couldn’t sleep well a couple of nights ago and ended up looking up the wolf cut that went viral a while back. So I tried it!

I was going to cut my hair short anyway so decided to first try out the wolf cut on a lesser amount of hair before I did the real cut (what can I say, I was curious). And honestly? I am pretty darn impressed. The back is actually pretty even with some light layers, whaaat! My initial chop looked lop-sided so I had to fix up the cut a little before untying the “unicorn”. But, darn, that’s not bad!

Before & after from the front:

The difference isn’t too noticeable since I didn’t take off a massive amount, but you can see more layers framing my face, and it’s shorter, of course. I’m not a massive fan of how the layers turned out in the front to be honest; you can see where my strip of white hair basically becomes a horizontal cut, making it look choppy.

But that would have been easy to fix since I would have been able to see exactly what I was doing. If I were to have kept this cut, I would have softened the layers in the front so it blends in better with the rest of the hair. Alas, I had other plans…


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Personal: A Little Self-Care

Hello! I’ve had a partial post in my drafts for literally the past three weeks and I just haven’t been able to finish writing it. So, instead of letting that hold me back from updating, I decided to just leave it in my drafts for now and write a little update. There is no structure to this post, it’s just a flood of thoughts that I wanted to jot down.

Life has been a little crazy these days. I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy or a symptom of getting old or a bit of both (probably both), but it’s ridiculous how easily I get tired these days. Actually… it’s probably 90% to do with the pregnancy.

I’m now in my third trimester and my body is feeling it. Baby is getting big and heavy! But the biggest pain point for me in recent months is how long it now takes for me to get over jet lag! Or just recover back to normalcy after a period away.

It took a solid 2-3 weeks for me to get over my Japan -> California jet lag, and then spring forward happened. Who would have thought a 1hr difference would wreck such havoc on my body? Daylight savings happened on March 12th and I’m only now back to waking up at 8:30~9am.

A couple of weeks ago we went away for a few days to celebrate our birthdays and babymoon (I would like to write about it, but who knows when I’ll get round to it. It was such a wonderful experience, albeit bittersweet since it was our final getaway as a couple). I was basically incapacitated for a solid couple of days after returning because I was so tired.

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03/13/23 & A Little Announcement

Today’s a nice date, so it’s as good a day as any to make a little note and share a little news, eh? So, my last post was back in October. I was blogging regularly and still in the process of posting my Seattle updates after our anniversary trip. Then, absolute silence for months. Months! Not even a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, blah blah blah post.

Well… this happened:

Hoooh boy. When I tell you I was not expecting it and it completely knocked me out… yeah, it completely knocked me out. There were signs, but I didn’t actually realise I was pregnant until I woke up one morning and I felt sick. I came downstairs and told my husband that I felt nauseous.

Then the puzzle pieces started falling into place: the beyond next level exhaustion I’d been feeling for the past couple of weeks (to the extent I had to go home early as I’d almost passed out at wushu class one evening, then skipped all subsequent classes because I couldn’t wake up from my 3-4hr afternoon nap on the sofa), my awkwardly heightened sense of smell, me going insane thinking that my boobs had gotten bigger…

Oh, and the fact that my period was already pretty late, lol.

I mean, I’d also been very stressed out from work at the time and my period has been known to come late at times I’ve felt under insane stress, so I literally just thought it was late. But, nope. The second I told Jacky I felt nauseous, we both just froze and looked at one another with a mix of surprise, wonderment, excitement topped with a healthy dollop of sheer horror.

I went out and got a couple of pregnancy tests that day and…

Time to make some calls to my doctor, lol.

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Read Bible With Me: John, ESV

I’m aiming to upload reading through the entire Bible at some point. I’ve finally finished recording Romans and 1 Corinthians so Paul’s longer epistles is now complete, along with all the New Testament epistles!

I’m now into recording the Gospels and Acts, but given my upload speed it’ll probably take a long time before I’ll be done with them. I’m starting with John since it’s the gospel I’m most familiar with, then we’ll see how it goes. It’s been almost 3 years since I started. You can literally see me getting older as I record more of these videos haha. Thanks for reading with me!

The full playlist is here:

Individual books/chapters are below:

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Beauty: Favourite Holo Taco Combos

Now that I’ve had time to play with quite a few polishes and multiple different combinations of them, I wanted to document some of my absolute favourite combos that I’ve worn, mostly so I could come back to them later. Having added all the images below, it’s not lost on me that all of them are taken of my ~oThEr HaNd~ lol.

My other hand painting skills still need improvement so bear with me, but that doesn’t change how I adore these polishes together.

Everything is from Holo Taco, of course. Currently I still purchase from this brand exclusively.

On the left I am loving: Blue Ain’t Slick + Aurora Unicorn Skin (excuse the Rory hair!)
On the right I am super into: Missed Shift + Cosmic Unicorn Skin

I’ve also tried Blue Ain’t Slick + Sonic Unicorn Skin but I’ve found that the two are little too similar, which ends up making the Unicorn Skin topper a little too subtle for my taste. It’s still lovely, just not one of my favourites. Aurora Unicorn Skin, however, provides the ideal pink contrast over the blue-purple shifty multichrome base. When the sun hits it, you see it glowing yellow, orange and even a hint of lime green. Ugh, stunning.

The combo of Missed Shift + Cosmic Unicorn Skin was not one I was expecting would look that good. I don’t like Missed Shift on its own so I threw on a random topper I thought would work and oh my. I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it’s such a beautiful combo. It looks so Eastern… like Spring in Japan, with sakura petals floating amid a sea of teal. It’s breathtaking and I can’t and won’t get over it lol.

Multichromes have got to be my favourite Holo Taco formula. With a Unicorn Skin on top? Perfect.

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