Life Update: Green Card Application

The above is kinda very much how I feel right now: my hubby on the guitar being the green card application, and me in the foreground being absolutely horrified.

Let’s just say my desire to not do it is so strong I’m open to never leaving the country again, or if push came to shove, leaving the country and never coming back. Neither of those options being particularly glorifying to God, that leaves me with the only option of getting it done.

I guess one other thing I can thank this season of staying indoors for is a longer period of finding rest, finding God, finding myself and finally finding time to do a bunch of paperwork that I’ve been putting off… har har.

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Soooo… Who’s not surprised I haven’t posted in 8 months?

Super Bloom LA 2019

*raises hand*

Doesn’t this always happen? I don’t even know what I’m still paying hosting for haha. But I guess it’s history; it’s a part of me that I’ve had since I was 12yrs old, when my friend Katie recommended we start a blog together and subsequently lured me into the world of digital diaries with cute layouts and html.

I don’t update often, but I can’t imagine not having my little corner of the internet here.

So, where to begin! Over the past 8 months I have:
– become engaged (!!!)
– suffered from major burnout (probably still suffering this)
– almost got kidnapped on my way home from the airport (this happened late on Sunday night/Monday morning. I’m still processing this.)

All of the above deserve posts of their own, which I will aim to do in the coming weeks. Either way, it feels good to be writing again. Perhaps part of my burnout is due to not being able to process well from lack of writing. Talking about things helps a lot.

Oh, on other news I also finished MasterLife at Church! Honestly I have mixed feelings about it. Will aim to write something about that too. I should probably start signing off with my actual name too.

P.S. Featured image is that of the LA super bloom this year! Our youth group took a trip out in March. I’m no photographer, but I was really happy with how that photo turned out – it was definitely one of my favourites.