How I Protect My Eyes From Digital Eye Strain

Hi there. Do you spend a lot of time staring at a screen? Your eyes are straining, but not looking at a digital monitor is not an option? You want to protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome as much as possible, especially now that we’re all quarantined at home? Then this one is for you.

It’s been over a year since I’ve taken these steps and they have been very effective for me, so I wanted to share these in case it can help you too.

I have always had 20/20 vision. However, my previous occupations required staring a laptop for 9hrs+ per day, and eventually I realised that towards the end of the day, my vision would be going blurry, my eyes would be dry and I’d have regular headaches etc. It would be okay the next day after I’d had a good night’s rest, but the same thing would happen the next evening.

I became frightened when I was driving home one day and realised that even the pedestrian countdown timer that I once saw with full clarity had become so blurry I could barely make out the numbers anymore.

I suddenly recalled the time we were purchasing a new pair of glasses for my sister in China, and the salesperson had asked if she wanted a pair that filtered out blue light from screens. That’s when it clicked that all the blue light coming through all these screens were probably doing a number on my body and my eyesight.

So I did some research, and found this pair of glasses on Amazon that supposedly filtered out 50% of harmful blue light. They were inexpensive and I figured I’d give them a try.

It’s been over a year since I started wearing them and my verdict is this: These. Are. Amazing.

The Prospek Computer Glasses come wrapped in a cleaning cloth in a glasses case, all inside a sleek box. You will need the cleaning cloth because it does get dusty/dirty very quickly, and I use the case to store the cloth and a random pair of sunnies because I wear these glasses everywhere.

To be fair, the first time I put them on, I felt a bit dizzy after wearing them for a few hours. However, that came from just not being accustomed to wearing glasses, and the dizziness wore off quickly and never bothered me again. This is apparently normal from what I’ve read.

More importantly, I realised that at the end of the day, my eyes were not dry, they did not hurt at all, and my vision was absolutely fine. Traffic lights and pedestrian crossing countdown numbers were no longer blurry. Car registration plates were back to their regular clarity and legibility. Best of all, I did not have my usual screen-induced haze of exhaustion or headache.

I really appreciated that these came in different sizes because my face is pretty small and regular sized glasses just do not fit me. I got the small size and it fit perfectly. In fact, these had been so good for me that when I lost my initial pair (so sad!) I immediately ordered a replacement.

They also come in different prescription strengths so you can buy one that’s best suited for your eyesight. I haven’t tested any of their other glasses (I haven’t needed to) but if you wanted to buy a pair in a different style or a different degree of blue light blocking they have a wide range of options here.

You can literally see blue light reflecting back from the glasses here:

I have been recommending these glasses to all my friends. One of them bought a pair then messaged me a couple of months later to say that previously he’d been getting vision impairments and dizziness virtually every day, but it hasn’t happened once since he got the glasses. He then noticed similar symptoms when he was reading regular books so bought another pair for regular reading (because the computer ones should be at 1/2 your prescription strength) and have not experienced those symptoms since either.

The only caveat is that they are faintly tinted yellow because that is what blocks out the blue light, so if you work in graphic design or any field that requires you to see colour as it should be, this may not work for you.

I personally love them and am pretty happy with how I look with them on, if I may say so myself. Don’t I look more intellectual? Haha.

I realise this has been a bit of a Prospek Glasses review but honestly they have made a world of difference. If you can get blue light filtering on your regular glasses then I 100% recommend you do. If that’s not an option or you don’t need prescription glasses, then you should definitely look into a pair of computer glasses.

I can’t speak for other brands, but Prospek has really worked for me. I bought them for $40 both times but currently they’re on sale for $33.53! That’s okay, that extra year & 4mo of eye protection and vision clarity is priceless.

Finally, I installed the f.lux application on my laptop, which adapts the colour of your computer’s display depending on the time of day, so the screen gets warmer before sunrise (not that I’ve ever seen it then) or after sunset, so you aren’t getting that harsh blue light coming directly from your computer screen. On my phone, I have Night Shift enabled.

In conjunction with these glasses, I am happy to report that my eye strain from extended screen exposure is all but gone.

Want to buy a pair but don’t want to scroll up for the link: here you go. You’re welcome <3

Muchos love,


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