Fitness: Chloe Ting’s Flat Stomach Challenge Results

Alrighty, I wasn’t expecting to do this, because I wasn’t expecting any major (or any, full stop) changes in my body. My weight did not change whatsoever, which is nice because it looks like my weight has settled comfortably, and is something I’m currently easily able to maintain.

I took update photos today, and you can definitely see a difference before / after the flat stomach challenge, especially in my legs. My waist measurement remains the same, but I know that I’ve slimmed down because I’ve had to tighten the straps of my sports bra and my pants now sit higher on my waist. I’m wearing the same clothes to alleviate one more degree of inaccuracy when looking at before/after.

I’ve just realised you can also see more definition in my upper abs too. And that thigh gap that I wasn’t even aiming for has become pretty prominent. Apologies for the mess in the background, we’re due to clean the apt today.

It might just be the photo, but it looks like my arm has slimmed down a bit too. My peach is looking… very peachy, and I think overall my body has tightened up a fair amount. It’s more obvious how my lower abs have tightened up and my pants sit higher in these side comparison photos.

I ate as normal – regular treats with balanced meals with veggies and decent protein intake. Actually these update photos were taken after eating a bag of donut holes and two additional donuts yesterday. I also didn’t skimp on the burgers and chocolate over the past month so it’s all the more impressive.

I wasn’t expecting any change, but really just enjoyed the challenge and process of working out on a regular basis. You guys know how much I struggled to get that last week completed – it’s all very well documented anyway and there’s absolutely no shame in me slogging my way through the last week haha.

I managed to complete it, not expecting visible changes, but having received more than I could have hoped for. Thrilled with that! I’m planning to start Chloe Ting’s 2021 Hourglass Challenge today. As usual, will keep you guys posted.

Muchos love,


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