A Freakin’ Good Burger.

Le boyf was back in town early November and the first place I wanted to take him was one of my absolute favourite Burger joints in the world: Byron.

I can’t rave about this place enough. It ties for first place in my Top Burgers list with Five Guys. I have an infamous slight burger addiction (at one point I was on minimum 3x burgers/week) so to say these take my top spots are really saying something.

So, yum.
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Dim Sum. Shrimply Delicious!

Before I launch full-steam ahead with my dim sum pics, allow me a short intermission to rave about the most delicious pair of boots I have ever seen. I am coveting these like nobody’s business and pretty much only need one more push (or the gentlest of nudges) to own a new pair of buttery suede Stuart Weitzmans.

They are all the rage right now and I’m seeing them pop up everywhere. Everywhere, no joke. Yes, they are of course…
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Coffee and Brunch Makes Bobbie a Happy Bunny

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Dinner With Reiss – Roux at the Landau

I have to admit I am very blessed. In my line of work, you get to meet some amazing people and join them for amazing events. Back in October I had the honour of being invited to a dining experience at Michelin-starred Roux at the Landau with one of my favourite Merchants, Reiss, and boy am I excited to share it with you!

In a private dining room to the side of the rather grand and luxurious Langham Hotel, a long dining table had been meticulously decorated with gifts for every guest:

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Ladu-thé & Beagle Brunch

A couple of weeks after I got back from the States, a ‘client’ was in town and visiting. We’d been in touch a lot and I was super excited to be working with her. She’d become a friend, plus she was an important client. So naturally we met up for a spot of tea.

At Ladurée.

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