YouTube Music: Tifa’s Theme Preview

It’s been forever since I posted a YouTube video, but since we’re all at home, it’s really given me time to work on things that I used to love but came to neglect in favour of school, Uni, work, life.

Square Enix released their remake of Final Fantasy VII and it just totally reminded me of my favourite song from there. 11 years since my last cover, I wanted to film an updated one – hopefully with a little more skill in me now so I can do the beauty of the melody some justice.

Before that, though, I need to re-learn and really practice this thing! The goal is to finally be able to play it without errors, but the chances of that happening very soon are slim to none… so a preview will have to do for now.

Edit: my friend, Daniel, created the professional title overlay and sent it to me! Some people are just super talented, right?

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