January Resolution: Check In #1

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It’s been a week since I decided that I’d start doing mini-resolutions every month and aim to read Romans 8 once per day in January. So, it makes sense for me to do a mini check-in every now and again during the month to track how I’m doing.

From 3rd – 9th January, I have read it every day except on the 7th. I was planning to read it before bed but after writing my blog post that day I got too tired and fell asleep (though I found myself reciting parts of it in my head as I was lying in bed before I slept heh). Thereafter, I decided that it would be best for me to read first thing in the morning after I wake up, rather than trying to find time during the day or reading it before bed.

This week I suddenly found myself working again so I had less spare time / brain power throughout the day as well, so aiming to read as soon as possible after waking will probably remain best. I did manage to read in the morning yesterday and noticed a big difference in my actual processing and absorption of the text.

There are definitely passages that are starting to stick in my mind – even if not word for word, I know the general gist of most of it by now. I’m pretty sure that if I do continue to read it daily, at one point I would have read it enough to memorise it. Let’s see how long it takes :)



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