Personal: A New Season

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Sometimes, things happen and I am just… in awe. The way that God continues to lead me is just beyond my wildest imaginations. After my previous job and wedding planning, I was entirely burnt out and in need of a long season of rest. I wasn’t even sure when I’d be ready to start going again, or even what I wanted to do, but it seems like that season of rest has suddenly come to a close without me even trying… and it looks like I’m ready.

I’ve always held the mentality that, “If God wants me to have a job, He’ll drop one into my lap.” My parents didn’t take well to that one when I was in my final year of University with no job offer lined up… but by the time I was graduating I was in the middle of an internship-turning-full-time-opportunity with an offer from another company on the table, both of which had found me.

The most incredible thing is, despite having applied for quite a few jobs the second time round, again I ended up accepting an offer from a company that had found me. Not to mention, getting consulting opportunities from companies that, again, found me.

And now, as of yesterday, I have officially started helping out another company in a role that I never searched for. (My sister’s about to graduate and when I asked about her job hunt, my parents are now like, “Yeah God will give her a job if He wants.” LOL.)

I’m not saying that being a Christian means God promises a job – not by any means, please don’t get me wrong. But it does mean that I have a lot less stress or anxiety from a search than what I hear the majority of people have.

I have been ‘resting’ and unemployed for over a year now, and I’m really grateful to be in a position where financially I have not had to worry due to Jacky’s job, and I’ve even had the luxury of turning down multiple consulting or headhunting opportunities. This is not something I take for granted – in fact, this entire post is about how in awe and thankful I am of my position of privilege.

And the role that I’m now helping out in, to me, is just incredible. I’m able to put in as much time as I have free to dedicate, and the team I’m joining is literally A*. I am having so much fun, loving what I’m doing, and my ‘boss'(es) are the nicest I could ever ask for. To clarify, I am just helping out a little right now, this is what I desired and what works for all parties, but it’s very flexible and we’ll see where it goes in future!

I’d been planning to apply to work in a coffee shop once COVID was over and I was ready to work again, or was even seriously considering studying to become a therapist/counsellor. But, apparently, God had better plans for me, as usual. I am amazed.

I hope this doesn’t come across as I believe in Jesus because I think He’ll grant me employment. Even if He were never to grant me employment, He has already granted me the best gift possible – Himself, and eternal life by believing in His Name. I am beyond thankful that He should lead me to a job of His choosing in His time, but I’m most grateful for the life that I can have in Him, because He has saved me from my sin.

The fact that I’m able to have this faithful, calm and grateful mentality in the first place is all because God has been faithful and gracious towards me; it’s all thanks to the way that God has been working in me all these years, and due to the hope that He gives me in Christ Jesus.

Part of my New Year’s resolution was to more boldly proclaim the work that God has done in my life, and I can’t possibly write this post without giving glory to Him. It’s still my first personal post of the year, and I am still trying to get the hang of writing about Jesus sincerely and genuinely without being overbearing, so please do bear with me.

I wish — I pray — that if you do not know Him yet, then by some miracle you might notice the work that He has done in me, and be a little curious about Him yourself. Please do not let what you see or hear about Christians in the media cloud your judgement, and if you’re interested, I’d be honoured to discuss with you further.



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