Personal: And We’re In!

Yay! Today was the day! Well, technically it should have been ready for us yesterday I think? But we ended up not having a chance to swing by yesterday. So we went this evening after Jacky was done with work. We dropped by to change the lock and unpack a few bits and pieces. We’ll be slowly moving in over the next month and a half, so we’ll just be taking a few boxes at a time, and eventually hiring some movers to help with the furniture. This will also give us an opportunity to do a mini-purge of our possessions as we move.

We’re so very excited to be in our new place. There’s nothing there yet so we just mostly took photos in front of the kitchen island. Even with all the blinds all shut there is still so much natural light coming through; it’s amazing.

I’ve had many second thoughts and doubts about this place after we committed to purchasing it but every time I go back through the front door it just feels right and I feel at home and I’m excited all over again. God has blessed us greatly with this new house and I’m so very thankful. Soli Deo Gloria!

Also, happy 1st of June! Goodness me, is 2021 almost half over already? I can’t quite believe it.

Muchos love,


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