When You Get Bored And…

…chop your hair off!

Haha. It’s getting really hot these days, I am about a month away from having a baby and fully intend to do confinement afterwards, including not washing my hair for a while. I am no stranger to grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping off my hair in front of my bathroom mirror, so last night I figured, “Why not?”

The plan had been to cut my hair next month so that if the haircut sucked no one would see me for a month anyway. But things don’t always go according to plan! I couldn’t sleep well a couple of nights ago and ended up looking up the wolf cut that went viral a while back. So I tried it!

I was going to cut my hair short anyway so decided to first try out the wolf cut on a lesser amount of hair before I did the real cut (what can I say, I was curious). And honestly? I am pretty darn impressed. The back is actually pretty even with some light layers, whaaat! My initial chop looked lop-sided so I had to fix up the cut a little before untying the “unicorn”. But, darn, that’s not bad!

Before & after from the front:

The difference isn’t too noticeable since I didn’t take off a massive amount, but you can see more layers framing my face, and it’s shorter, of course. I’m not a massive fan of how the layers turned out in the front to be honest; you can see where my strip of white hair basically becomes a horizontal cut, making it look choppy.

But that would have been easy to fix since I would have been able to see exactly what I was doing. If I were to have kept this cut, I would have softened the layers in the front so it blends in better with the rest of the hair. Alas, I had other plans…


Haha, honestly it took way too long to get to this stage. The back wasn’t straight for the longest time, partially because I couldn’t quite figure out the final length that I wanted, so I ended up doing the wolf cut method again and it actually worked quite well! Either way, by this point, I was just done with cutting and re-cutting and I was fine with this.

It’s not perfect, but it’s really not bad. It’s similar to how I cut it before and I am pretty happy with it! The biggest difference between this and the previous cut I did for myself is that I didn’t thin my hair out nearly as much as I did back then.

It’s thicker than I’d like right now, but I’ve heard about and am expecting to have postpartum hair loss, so if I’m going to experience major hair loss in the coming months, I don’t really need to be exacerbating it by manually thinning my hair out!

Overall? Pretty happy with how it turned out! Extra happy that I saved $100+ and avoided having awful shampoo being used on my hair. I still can’t go back to that salon, no matter how well the hairdresser did in actually cutting my hair.

It took a long time for my hair to return back to “normal” after that experience, and I couldn’t actually return to no-poo afterwards. In fact, I had to wash my hair – with shampoo – more frequently as my hair became greasy very quickly, and it took maybe a couple of weeks for my hair to stop smelling of that shampoo, despite washing it multiple times.

I’m now back at a point where I can go back to only washing my hair 2-3x/week without it being greasy, but I am using shampoo still. That said, now that I’m about to go into confinement, maybe I’ll try no-poo again.

Muchos love,


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