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Quick little update: I’m doing well. We’ve still been sheltering at home. I’ve been lazy with posting again, but mostly because I’ve simply been distracted. It’s been really fun getting to know new friends on some of the Discord groups I’ve joined — one in particular has taken up a lot of my time and attention.

I’ve been taking good care of myself. Look at the cute little bunny ear headband! Haha. I use it to keep my hair out of my face during my skincare routine. As of this week, I’ve decided to finally ditch the Korean skincare products I purchased from Costco a while back – honestly, they aren’t doing much for my skin – and have gone back to my tried and true favourite skincare brand: ESPA. I’m much more excited and less overwhelmed to be doing my skincare daily now.

They’re a UK skincare brand so their products are pretty pricey in US. Last time my family came to visit in February I had them bring some over from England. It’s pretty much the only skincare brand I’ll use. I’m hoping to write a post about it soon but given my update schedule who really knows.

This year has flown by. Workout-wise, I haven’t done too much recently either, but I’ve been following MOVE-mber a little better over the past week or so! From Friday onwards, though, I’ll have a group of workout buddies to try out Chloe Ting’s 2020 2 Week Shred Challenge with, which I’m really looking forward to.

Since it’s only two weeks long again, I’ll try to document my progress using the same format I used for the 2019 2 Week Shred Challenge back in May. The new challenge looks a lot more intense so I had been too intimidated to try it, but since I have so many workout buddies now I’m feeling freshly motivated.

Her Ep 1. Full Body Workout video for the 2020 2WS challenge contains too many jumps for me (downstairs neighbours will still complain) so I’m going to be substituting it with her latest 15min Full Body Workout video. I’ve done it a couple of times for MOVE-mber and have really enjoyed it.

Another update is taking care of my hair. Both Jacky and I had noticed significant amounts of hair loss in our apt here and we suspected it could be the water. We recently got a water filter for our shower and let me tell you it has so far made a world of difference. (Look at the above photo! All hair gone! Lol, just kidding.)

I’ll keep using it for a while and if it lasts and continues to make a visible difference I’ll write about it. Speak again soon!

Muchos love,


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Fitness Update: Week 49, 2020

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