Redecorating A Little

I love my new desk set up! We recently shifted the desk area around a little and we pulled my little area rug out of storage and it fit perfectly in this corner with my desk and chair.

We’ve repositioned furniture quite a bit since I moved in but this is the first time we’ve moved my desk. It was previously positioned like this:

Previously no plants in my corner, no rug… I later added my lamp and my green bin when I brought it up from LA, but it remained fairly bland-looking. I insisted on being in this corner though — the brightness of the room and view from that window on the right was probably the clincher on my decision to rent this apt.

I think my new set up is just so cosy, homely and far better for my electronics.

The sun used to burn my devices in the afternoon but just switching the desk around and moving it away from the window slightly means my laptop no longer gets burned, my eyes don’t get blinded and my monitor basically misses the majority of the sun too.

I also love that we moved my little snake plant over. It’s half dead, but what’s still left is hanging in there. I’ve been watching renovation / redecorating videos on YouTube and I think that’s really been inspiring haha.

I tried to propagate my money tree but cutting off a little and putting the leaves on my desk so it can get light and grow and that’s helping with the homely feel as well I think! It’s amazing what a little greenery can do.

Here’s a pic in daylight before I cut the plant – you can see how much the sun hits and how bright the room can get:

(Yep. Those reno vids on YouTube haha.)

Yaaay! I’ll let you know if my little money tree node and leaves grow roots. It’s so far been the only plant I’ve been able to keep alive. Ha.

Oh. And speaking of before/afters… I cut Jacky’s hair today. It turned out well mwahahaha. He was horrified at the idea when I first suggested months ago that I could cut his hair, but quarantine-hair got to him and he requested I cut it today. He must have been desperate hehe.

You wanna see?? :p

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  1. Jacky C May 2, 2020 / 19:53

    I like the little Flareon-Pikachu being so satisfied with the layout too =)

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