The Avocado Chronicles: August Edition

It is often said that parents are so excited by their first child and so scared to do anything wrong that they dedicate much time and energy to documenting the child’s growth and making sure they’re doing well. However, by the time the 2nd, 4th… 5th… 7th then 8th child comes along, you kinda just give up and let the kids do their thing.

Of course, I’m talking about plant-babies and not real ones *ehhem*. But yes I’m not quite sure how to continue documenting my avocado plants’ growth anymore. The first 4 were super exciting; I cared for them, I babied them, I loved them (for the most part).

But now I’ve stopped updating the post because they’re growing up too fast and there are just too darn many of them at the same time. I guess I’ll do a major update here then. Since we last checked on my avocado plants…

Avo1 has grown out of its pot, been re-planted outside and has grown a lot. I didn’t even realise its roots had grown so much until I turned it over and saw root spilling out the bottom. I’m glad I checked.

This one has always been outside so I left it there and transferred it to the giant pot I originally used for my snake plants (I moved them to a smaller container and they’re doing much better there). It’s my only avocado plant that grew out 2 stems immediately. If I didn’t have Avo1, I wouldn’t have realised that avocado trees would do that actually.

Not sure if that’s because it was planted in a larger pot or because it’s been outside, or maybe it was just how this one was created because it took an exceptionally long time to grow out of its shell.

We’re having a particularly hot summer in NorCal and it’s been over 40°C (100°F) lately so one of its leaves got a bit burned. Sorry, Avo1!

Avo3 had to be re-homed twice because it’d grown so much:

Groot probably needs to be re-planted into a bigger pot soon too, but so far she seems to be doing decently well as it is:

Avo4 has grow tall and thin:

I found another sprouted seed, washed it off and planted it:

Not bad, not terrible. We’re at Avo5 now. This one hasn’t grown at all since planting (you can see it in many of the above photos beside Avo3 and Groot) but that’s okay.

However, this is where I kinda gave up as a plant-mama. Within 2 days of one another, I acquired AvoWhoCaresAnymore (AvoWCA). Here it is next to AvoTooManyNow (AvoTMN):

And this is AvoLiterallyDoingTheBareMinimum (AvoLDTBM):

All 3 shoved into random containers because I literally can’t be bothered anymore. If I get additional germinated seeds, they’ll be called AvoIDontHaveSpaceForYou and AvoGonnaStartAnAvoFarmIGuess.

Here are AvoTMN, AvoWCA and AvoLDTBM hanging out in their containers – I switch the water every couple of days and they’re actually doing really well.

Below is the latest update from them. You can see how little I care about doing any more than the bare minimum because we have a ginger shoot sharing AvoTMN‘s space. Heh.

It’s kinda cool to see AvoLDTBM sprouting, though it really doesn’t like to stand upright due to its shape so it keeps falling over. I may have accidentally squished the sprouted stem, whoops:

For AvoWCA, yes I broke its tail, ah well. Same happened to Groot and she turned out just fine.

And that’s it! I don’t know if I’ll put up a new update post every month, but updating at the frequency I tried to in my last post was just too much for me. It began to feel like a chore and I stopped wanting to update, so I’m doing this instead :)

YES I do plan to plant the last 3 avo seeds at some point… I guess… >_>;; I dunno, it’s really interesting to see them grow in water to be honest. Let me know if you want to see an update next month!

Muchos love,


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  1. Stephanie August 17, 2020 / 10:44

    Wow! Your avocado plants look awesome! I quickly gave up after two of my seeds got moldy haha so it’s great to see someone successfully grow not one, but several. You’ve inspired me to give it another try the next time we buy avocados.

    • Bobbie
      October 16, 2020 / 23:16

      :O sorry I didn’t realise I hadn’t responded to your comment! Did you end up trying again? My first try grew mould too when I tried sticking it in water with a toothpick. These all basically came out of the avocado cracked open and partially grown! I wish I could just give you one… or 5 of them… haha.

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