Music: A Little Sweet

Are you having a bad day? In need of a little pick me up? Or just want to listen to something sweet? I randomly remembered 3 words of this song then found it on YouTube, and I’ve basically been listening to it on repeat this morning.

This song is soooo cute!!

It’s called “A Little Sweet” by Wang Sulong and it’s shot straight to the top of my Songs of the Month playlist. It’s just so cheerful and adorable, and so I really wanted to share it with you because no matter where we are we can all do with a little more joy in our lives.

Music has a way of affecting our moods dramatically, so while Taylor is still a treat to listen to, I’m a little over the summer blues and wistful nostalgia for now. My favourite Chinese artist, JJ Lin, also released some new songs recently so you’ll probably see more Chinese songs on the list this month!

Anyways, here are the lyrics in Simplified Chinese (you can find the Traditional lyrics in the video description as well as the video itself) and my translation. It’s in the format of a conversation between a couple so I’ve also added who’s singing, otherwise it won’t make as much sense:

男:摘一颗苹果 等你从门前经过

Man: (I) pick an apple and wait for you to walk by my door
(I) deliver it into your hand to quench your thirst

女:像夏天的可乐 像冬天的可可

Woman: Like coca cola in the summer, like hot cocoa in the winter
You’re the right time and right role

* 男:已经约定过 一起过下个周末

* Man: We already agreed to spend next weekend together
You say to me with a cute little sulk

女:我也不知为何 伤口还没愈合

Woman: I don’t know why either, but though my wounds haven’t healed yet
You’ve just come barging into my heart like this
(Chorus) It’s you who let me see a flower blooming in the midst of a dry desert


Man: It’s you who makes me want to write a love song for you every day


Woman: With the most romantic chorus


Man: And you gently singing along


Together: The look in our eyes will confirm the choice we made (in one another)


Woman: It’s you who, from that moment on, brought the colour of love into my life (literally: “turned my world into pink“)


Man: It’s you who, from then on, made me only want your companionship (literally: “co-operation”) in my life


Woman: Love requires meticulous sculpting


Man: I am Michaelangelo


Together: Using our hearts/diligently carving out the happiest style

女:用时间 去思念 爱情有点甜
这心愿 不会变 爱情有点甜

Woman: Taking time to think about it, love is a little sweet
This sentiment (literally: “wish / aspiration”) will not change, love is a little sweet

Repeat from *

Isn’t it cute?? I have to admit I didn’t know what he meant by “米开朗基罗” so I had to Google it. Then when I learned it was “Michaelangelo” I burst out laughing and the lines above and below it suddenly made a lot more sense. But seriously it’s a rather funny line.

I do enjoy doing some translations every now and again so if there’s a Chinese song you like that you want the translation to, let me know and I can take a look into it :)

Muchos love,


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