The Avocado Chronicles: September Edition

It’s the September edition, so why am I posting this on the 1st October? Well, because I’m a lazy, procrastinating bum. That’s the actual, genuine reason. I have no excuse, I’ve just been lazy and addicted to YouTube videos again. Time for another entertainment ban for myself I think.

Anyways, shortly after I posted the August Edition, I planted AvoWCA:

It was really interesting to see close ups of the inside of the avocado seed growing. I didn’t want to leave its broken root growing in water for too long so into a little pot it went. With this, AvoTMN upgraded to its own ramekin because I moved the ginger shoot to AvoWCA‘s old one. Then guess who showed up?

That’s right: AvoIDontHaveSpaceForYou (AvoIDHSFY) and AvoGonnaStartAnAvoFarmIGuess (AGSAAFIG). Obviously, since AGSAAFIG is now the youngest, he gets to share with lil ol’ ginger shoot.

I have to admit, as I go back through old photos to put together this post, I’m beginning to forget who’s who. I also had to keep referring to the August Edition’s post to remember their names. Hilariously, I realised that in that very post I mixed up the names of AvoLDTBM and AvoTMN towards the bottom and had to fix it just now. Wow.

I honestly didn’t take good care of these, and Jacky and I decided that we have enough sprouted avocado seeds to just start experimenting (sorry, would never do this with real babies but this plant mother is kinda over avocado seeds).

So, to experiment, we decided to not plant these and see how it goes. I just added some water to the ramekins whenever they were running low and maybe cleaned out the ramekins and switched out their water every week or so.

If I’m not mistaken, this is AvoTMN from the front and back:

I found it super interesting to see her roots growing in water.

For AvoWCA, there are actually two sprouts! This was new to me because it wasn’t like 1 sprout with 2 prongs like Avo1, but it actually looks like 2 different stems with one growing much faster than the other:

You can also see AvoIDHSFY in the back of these photos. Or, I think it’s AvoIDHSFY. I really, genuinely am not too sure at this point. The ramekins have been moved around a lot and I didn’t think to label them. But I’m basing it off memory and the shapes of the seeds.

Just look at her roots! I find it really interesting that she’s growing from one side only:

I think the following is AvoLDTBM – she was the only one to be in a ramekin with a little gold on it still. What I previously thought was her growing/sprouting was actually just a little bit of shell that had been broken in a particular way. Once the shell split more it was obvious the little nub was not growth.

She kept on falling over because the seed was so round, so ended up losing a little skin from being immersed in water:

She turned out to be a late bloomer but now has got a little tail growing out!

Last but not least, this is AGSAAFIG:

You can see a tiiiiny lil bit growing in the middle. The seed’s split apart and not much else is happening. Also, I got rid of the ginger shoot because, after growing well for a little while, it started rotting. I guess I should have taken it out after it’d started developing roots and planted it, but I didn’t know or think to do that at the time. Well, you live and learn.

How are my other avo-babies? Well they’re more like avo-teenagers now. Most of them have gone through a crazy growth spurt.

Avo1 is kinda being abused outside… I have moved her to different areas so she doesn’t get so shocked by all the heat and light but she’s not doing that well… We’re thinking of bringing her in but we are a bit limited on space indoors.

Avo5 finally sprouted and grew a lot! She was the first one to start growing out from one side of the seed and not from the middle, but she seems to be doing fine.

Groot and Avo3 are both growing well:

In the above photo they’re all a bit water-deprived so their leaves are droopy. Don’t worry, I watered them immediately after and they perked right up.

Avo4 is my tall, lanky, emo teenager who can’t keep his room clean. Please excuse the mess.

And that’s it! All my avo-children. I actually took these photos on September 20th (about a month after the Avo Chronicles August Edition post) but just haven’t written the post until now. I am very pleased to say that none of the avocados you see in Avo4‘s photo above had germinated seeds.

Okay maybe one of them looked like it may have potential to grow but at this point, unless the seed’s come out split apart with a little tail, I’m not keeping it.

I have to say, the seeds grew much faster in water only vs water and soil. And one thing I noticed was that whenever I changed out the water, all of a sudden the roots/shoot would go through a growth spurt. I don’t know how much longer they can all survive in water alone.

In the 10 days since I took the photos, all of my ramekin babies have grown more and their roots are starting to curl inside the ramekin. I’ll have to do an October update later on this month.

It does kind of make sense that they grew faster in water because basically they sprouted as the roots were developing, and water isn’t exactly difficult to push your roots out into. With soil, the roots take longer to grow and push their way through the soil before the seed started to sprout. Not sure what long term effects it may have though.

So! With all that being said, right now most of my avo plants are just 1 stem growing tall with one set of leaves. I’m not sure how to prune them but I am thinking of cutting somewhere to see if it’ll grow out more… I have enough avo plants to experiment with, but I would feel like a bad plant mama for cutting them down when I don’t know what’s going to happen to them!

Plus, which one should I experiment on? I can’t pick my least favourite avo-child, even if I can’t even tell them apart properly anymore :( We will see…

Muchos love,


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