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a lot can happen in just 3 days
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Oh man it’s been a while again! Well, a month, I guess. There’s a very good reason for that though, so much has happened that meant I couldn’t really update my blog, the biggest reason being: about a month ago, my hosting provider suddenly sent me an email saying that they’re closing down and will be migrating me to another hosting provider that’s based in the UK and costs more for less. I wasn’t best pleased about that haha.

On top of this, my laptop and phone have started falling to pieces so I was researching new devices (unfortunately nothing has caught my eye), we’ve also been apt hunting and, with tax day coming up, I’ve had a bit of decision paralysis. It’s been so stressful that I haven’t really been able to exercise lately either. I also didn’t want to make changes to my blog while a hosting migration was happening in case I lost data. So, all in all, I’ve had to leave this space silent.

Fast forward to today, thanks to my beloved hubby, the migration is complete! I have backups of all my files and can start posting again. We also found a nice apt that we both really like so here’s praying we’ll be able to get it. I’m going to squeeze whatever use I can out of my laptop and phone and hopefully a few months later I’ll be able to replace them. And thank goodness, tax day is May 17th instead of April.

The most important thing I’ve missed updating, though, is Easter. He is risen! Hallelujah, Jesus lives!

Muchos love,


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