Fitness: Chloe Ting’s 2021 Get Fit Challenge – Week 3

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This post will contain my workout summary for week 3 of the Chloe Ting 2021 Get Fit Challenge.

Given that it’s getting to crunch time with our move, unsurprisingly, I’m a little behind with this challenge ^^;; But only a day or so behind. I have had to skip a couple of workout days so far, but that still means I’ve been working out 4x/week, which is impressive for me.

I didn’t want to skip 2 days’ worth of workouts last week so I ended up pushing my schedule back by one day, and finishing day 13 yesterday. This week is the final week and there is only 1 scheduled rest day. That’s probably not going to work for me given how busy I’ll be with moving, so this post will be updated for all the days that have workouts scheduled, as well as the days that I did them on.

I hope to be on schedule for the most part, but maybe with 1-2 extra active rest days – and this time, they will truly be active ‘rest’ days.

Week Three

7/8 – Day 15: Completed 19:05.
Videos completed: 20min Full Body, 6 Pack Abs.

Phew. It’s been a week. Moving stress has been real and I have been exhausted. Thankfully things seem to be getting better, probably in correlation with how much time I’ve spent with God too. Either way, today was the first day I had time or energy to do a workout this week. I maintain that the new 20min workout is my favourite so I was very happy to do it today.

Like my last workout, I tried to focus more on my left arm. As usual, I didn’t use a dumbbell for any of the plank moves but stuck with 5lb dumbbells today for everything else, even for the ab workout. I do feel like I was probably compensating during some of the abs exercises so next time I’ll only do some of the movements with a dumbbell I think.

I felt my back muscles working more today during the rear delt exercises, which was exciting. I was also particularly impressed at how my left leg seems to have grown stronger, finally strong enough to do the single leg reverse lunge without falling over. I think I’ve also finally found the right form because this time I felt my glutes working rather than my my quads hurting. I need to work on my deadlift form though, I continue to over-bend on the way down, which I think causes stress to my lower back instead of targeting my glutes.

This is one video that I enjoyed so much I wished it were longer haha. I really wouldn’t mind having longer to do each exercise to failure, but perhaps it also means I need to just increase my weights. I purchased some 8lb dumbbells at Target because they were finally back in stock! We put them at the new place already. I’m excited to try them out after we move in.

For the workout, I realised that the single leg raise & pulses work best if you use the dumbbell in one hand – the same hand as the leg you’re raising. Man, they killed after that. For the plank movements, I just held either a high or low plank and really focused on engaging my core. It was difficult to breathe after that! But dang, I can literally feel and see the improvement in my video footage. Really happy with today’s workout, it hurt like mad but it was worth it!

7/26 – Day 16: Completed 17:50.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, 15min Legs & Booty, 15min Booty Burn, 5min Cool Down.

It’s been weeks since my last update or workout session but it really has been beyond exhausting and busy lately. One thing is for sure though, I am so thrilled to be exercising in our new home! I have felt quite sluggish lately, my sleep schedule has been a bit messed up and I’ve been eating a lot of junk food. My body is certainly feeling it and has become weaker in general, so today’s workout was tough!

I purchased 8lb dumbbells but stuck to my 5lb ones for today’s workout session. I also used my light resistance bands where appropriate. There were some moves I really struggled to even do 8 reps, as well as a couple of moves where I went lower impact. Now that I have a lot more space to do a fuller range of movements, those Rainbows were killer. I felt like giving up half way through because I was so tired but I am glad I pushed through and completed it.

I definitely haven’t improved over the last workout session because I took such a long break, but I’m just very glad to be getting back into it. My core has kinda turned to fluff so the, er, engaging part didn’t reaaally happen today, but hopefully it’ll be back to my previous level soon! New 2 Week Shred is coming out next week so I really want to complete this challenge before starting that one.

Tomorrow is a 40min workout… Gahhh… I won’t get my hopes up that I’ll be able to complete it all but I am looking forward to doing the different videos.

7/27 – Day 17: Competed 17:47.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, Get Peachy Chest & Arms, 15min Arms, 10min Abs.

Oh my goodness. Today was brutal!

My glutes and legs were sore today so I was thankful that we were working arms and abs for the most part. During my warm up, I noticed that I was far more stable because I was wearing shoes. Especially during the squats, my feet were able to remain fully grounded and I didn’t feel any pain in my knees. Who knew that shoes made such a big difference…

The Get Peachy video was reps based and I was not able to keep up with Chloe at all. Today was also the first day I started using my 8lb dumbbells and goodness did I feel them. I went at my own pace to begin with, before eventually deciding to simply do as many reps as I could in her time frame because I didn’t want to extend my workout duration by too much. I averaged about 8-10 reps, which worked out for me.

I considered giving up and not doing the second arms video but since I had it on a playlist and the video started playing, I figured I’d just go ahead and try to do as much as I could. My arms were already shaking at this point so I used 5lb dumbbells exclusively. I also skipped some of the moves in favour of some extra pushup training.

The Summer Shred Abs video pretty much destroyed my abs. I haven’t worked abs in such a long time to begin with and this video was just insane! The moves she included were next level; I was barely able to do half the number of reps as her and spent the video basically permanently in pain.

Not gonna lie, there were many moments where I questioned my life choices during it. Gahhh! It was enjoyable though, don’t get me wrong. I loved the new exercises. I just wasn’t able to do them, for the most part.

I’m very proud of myself for actually completing all the videos though! That’s a win in my books.

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