Fitness: Caroline Girvan IRON Series Week 4

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Alrighty! So slight update of my schedule: I’m actually not going to start Chloe’s next challenge until 23rd May because my schedule will be busy for the first half of next week, one of my teammates will be busy for the second half of next week, and our final teammate’s current challenge ends on 21st May. So starting the week after works out perfectly for all of us.

That does mean that I have two weeks left before I start something else… I have already committed to doing week 4 of this IRON series so I’m going to continue, but we’ll see what happens next week. I might take a week off so my body can rest, but I’m also loving working out so much these days that I don’t want to take a week off.

I definitely won’t have time to exercise on 16/17th May, but we’ll see what happens after. I might finish off next week with her Beginner EPIC again, or just pick and choose which 3 IRON week 5 videos that I want to do. Regardless, this week, my schedule will look like this:

Day 15Day 23Day 17Day 18RestDay 19Rest

Since I’ve already done day 16 during a prior week, I’m going to replace it with next week’s hamstring/glute workout so I can still get my hamstring workout in. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Week Four

5/9 – Day 15: Completed 14:11.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, IRON Series Day 15.

Today’s workout was really good for me! I really felt my arm/shoulder/back/lat muscles working where appropriate, and was able to keep my core engaged throughout the majority of this workout. I used 5lb dumbbells and am pleased to say I did push myself to work hard today.

I enjoyed the exercises, and I was also challenged by one of the new ones that Caroline threw in. Those arm arcs? Ooof! My arms, shoulders and lats were burning. I’m also very glad that there weren’t any floor exercises; I’m very much over chest presses, to be honest.

Every time I see them my heart sinks a little, so maybe I should replace them with a different exercise in future because they really make me not want to do some of her videos. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with her adding them in – I just personally don’t like them and struggle to feel them in the right muscles.

Overall, very much enjoyed this one. Looking forward to tomorrow.

5/10 – Day 23: Completed 11:57.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, IRON Series Day 23.

Is my left glute in immense pain right now? Why yes, yes it is. I’ve been trying to load up on protein and stretches but the ouchies are real. I started off with 5lb dumbbells and then switched to 8lb after the first set. I used the 8lb dumbbell(s) for the rest of the workout, except for the final set of hamstring thrusts where I just did bodyweight because I could feel my calves compensating.

I am very much impressed with how things went for today’s workout. I was able to feel my left glute working a lot and also enjoyed the single leg hamstring isolation exercises (which I absolutely did with no weights). They were absolutely killer – I hope my body gets stronger from this workout because I certainly felt like I pushed myself harder than before.

My hamstrings are still too weak to do single leg hamstring bridges so I kept my other foot on the ground to help me. They were still insanely difficult. I am looking forward to the day where I have enough strength and muscle to do the exercise with no problems.Finally, I used a medium band for the finisher and was very much finished after that.

Overall, great workout, body now sore.

5/12 – Day 17: Completed 19:16.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, IRON Series Day 17.

5/14 – Day 18: Completed 13:05.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, IRON Series Day 18.

Alrighty. So… I’ve have pretty much no time this week… For the most part, it’s been as hectic as it possibly could be, and I have been behind with my workouts because I literally had no time to do the workout, despite having the best of intentions to do them.

That said, I’m glad I managed to complete what I did manage to do. I still don’t have time to write a full entry so I’m going to leave it here, and hopefully write up some final thoughts next week.

Muchos love,


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