Beauty: Favourite Holo Taco Combos

Now that I’ve had time to play with quite a few polishes and multiple different combinations of them, I wanted to document some of my absolute favourite combos that I’ve worn, mostly so I could come back to them later. Having added all the images below, it’s not lost on me that all of them are taken of my ~oThEr HaNd~ lol.

My other hand painting skills still need improvement so bear with me, but that doesn’t change how I adore these polishes together.

Everything is from Holo Taco, of course. Currently I still purchase from this brand exclusively.

On the left I am loving: Blue Ain’t Slick + Aurora Unicorn Skin (excuse the Rory hair!)
On the right I am super into: Missed Shift + Cosmic Unicorn Skin

I’ve also tried Blue Ain’t Slick + Sonic Unicorn Skin but I’ve found that the two are little too similar, which ends up making the Unicorn Skin topper a little too subtle for my taste. It’s still lovely, just not one of my favourites. Aurora Unicorn Skin, however, provides the ideal pink contrast over the blue-purple shifty multichrome base. When the sun hits it, you see it glowing yellow, orange and even a hint of lime green. Ugh, stunning.

The combo of Missed Shift + Cosmic Unicorn Skin was not one I was expecting would look that good. I don’t like Missed Shift on its own so I threw on a random topper I thought would work and oh my. I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it’s such a beautiful combo. It looks so Eastern… like Spring in Japan, with sakura petals floating amid a sea of teal. It’s breathtaking and I can’t and won’t get over it lol.

Multichromes have got to be my favourite Holo Taco formula. With a Unicorn Skin on top? Perfect.

Oh the left I’m wearing: a skittle of Amber Apathy, Crimson Void and Burnt Bridges, all + Solar Unicorn Skin.
On the right I have on: Chameleon Coat / Lost In The Woods skittle.

Oh my goodness if these aren’t the most perfect autumnal manis. The Solar Unicorn Skin atop of those linear holo colours look like golden leaves. It’s literally the most perfect, easy, no-skills-required nail art fall mani and you cannot convince me otherwise. I’m going to go back to it constantly and wear it to death in the autumn months.

The green skittle is one I didn’t expect to like so much, but I feel like the rich, deep green holo contrasts perfectly with the shifting, brighter chrome colours of Chameleon Coat. I adore Chameleon Coat on its own, but putting it alongside a dark green just makes those colours pop so much more.

I’m actually not a massive fan of any of the linear holo polishes on their own (they look a bit boring when you can’t see the flare, if I’m honest), so wearing it in combination to provide balance to another formula gives it more depth and makes it far more exciting to me. In the sun, this combo is a green party on my nails haha.

I’ve loved some of these so much it’s literally therapeutic to look down and admire my nails for a bit. Stressed? It’s not a problem any more! Lol. Just add a Holo Taco… Unicorn Skin ;p

I’ll continue adding to this list once I find more favourites, but these are it for now!

Muchos love,


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