Market Hopping

A few weeks ago my friend took me on a market crawl.

If there’s one thing I love more than food, it’s wandering around (& eating my way through) food markets full of… food.

As it happens, my lovely friend shares the exact same hobby. And she knows exactly where to go, so you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me if I “wanted to explore some of London’s finest food markets with her?”

Yes please! (As if I would say no.)

We started our journey at Broadway Market. Initially I wasn’t going to take any photos and just spent the whole time eating. But you know me, I love a bit of #foodporn. Within 10mins my trusty camera was out and I couldn’t stop snapping. How could I resist!

Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
Broadway Market Cakes
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Welcome Back

The end of our Castillian journey was rather lackluster. Another cold, dreary day meant staying in and snoozing away after plates of store bought, home heated Paella and king prawns.

Bobbieness in San Javier

At one point we ventured to a nearby town and discovered a big fat load of nothing, then went home and called it a day. Read More

A Weekend In Paris Part II

Last time I’d left you after day 1 (or was it 2?) of beautiful Pa-ree. So today, more pics, including the most delicious salmon I’ve ever, ever had in my life. You guys, it was no joke.

We didn’t have a plan. But we did need food, so after Googling and Yelping (we found Le Reminet via Yelp and that led to one of the best meals of my life thus far, so we were pretty confident with Yelp at this point) we found ourselves in central Paris at a lovely little restaurant called leMacarb.

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Coffee and Brunch Makes Bobbie a Happy Bunny

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September Sun – Final Leg

This one’s short. Two underwhelming meals (sandwiched between a pretty cool YWAM Christian event, of which I sadly have no photos) and I was jetting back to the UK. At least I had some final rays of September sunshine to enjoy.

J had gone off to a Bachelor’s party at this point, so my Christian colleague/friend kindly invited me to join her and her boyfriend for a meetup of sorts. Stopping on the way to get a portion of the famous In-N-Out Burgers and Animal Fries. If I’m really honest I was a bit more excited at the prospect of burger than Christian event (I hadn’t really heard of the organisation the event was for). Plus, apparently In-N-Out were founded by Christian owners and have Bible verses inked discreetly on their packaging, so quite fitting really.
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