August Foodporn

Because every month should have a post dedicated to all the delicious and noteworthy noms I have filled my stomach with if I haven’t given them individual blogs. Warning: not to be looked at on an empty and/or hungry stomach, or reader discretion advised.

Ok I’m cheating a bit here. I actually made these in a sushi-making class right at the end of July hehe. But they look yummy right? :) It tasted good at least :9

First time making sushi! Success!

Smokey Tails BBQing up a storm for the SkimSummer “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”:

FYI, the meat was freaking divine. They’re a pop-up restaurant in Hackney (119 Wallis Road) so be sure to visit soon to avoid missing out.

PJ’s Bar & Grill in Covent Garden for a second time:

Either the chefs changed, or the restaurant should stick with what it’s good at – bar food and grills. I tried (something resembling) Italian and my friend ordered Thai. Neither of our dishes were particularly pleasing.

ASK Italian, the one with a view of Tower Bridge:

Bukowski Burger of the Month:

Sorry I’d already taken a bite before remembering to take a photo. It was too irresistible. 10/10 burger!

Han Dynasty, Coventry branch (29 Smithford Way, opposite the BBC) – some sorta massive Fish dish:

Coriander in Bournemouth:

Honestly, the Enchiladas were a little dry, the beef tasted like rubber, and the chicken one was a bit too spicy. Not recommended at all.

Good ol’ Pizza Hut, found everywhere:

(this bruschetta garlic bread starter was so delicious it’s like my new obsession)

Carluccio’s, Leamington Spa branch:

Now it may seem I’ve been slightly more obsessed with Italian food this month than my usual sushi and burger addiction, but rest assured it is only because sushi & burgers have become such a staple in my diet that I no longer take photos of them.

Not sure if that’s a good thing…

Wait til you see September’s entry ;)

Muchos love,


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