YouTube Fun: Sorting Out Some Archive Songs

This is uploaded on a separate channel to distinguish between my music and personal videos. Honestly this was filmed just for a bit of fun, but during the process of editing this video I found I really enjoyed it…

Until my laptop majorly crashed on Tuesday and I genuinely thought I bricked it. Sigh. It was probably a lot more stressful than I’d care to admit, but as such I am behind on writing my sermon reflections and posting this video.

I’d finished editing it by Monday afternoon but I wanted to show it to Jacky before I uploaded it. Who could have imagined that less than 12hrs later, my laptop would be re-installing itself from the Internet because that’s how badly I’d messed it up.

But, God is very gracious! As of this afternoon, it’s pretty much completely back to normal, with practically none of my files missing, and most of this video in-tact (at least what little I had to re-do was doable). The process even made me dig out a very old YouTube channel that I hadn’t touched in a long time, as well as reactivate my old UK number that had deactivated due to inactivity.

The reason I really needed to fix my laptop was because the internet stopped working on it entirely (though it was working fine on all other devices in our apt), and it had become sluggish to the extent I could barely load any apps on it. I was worried I’d somehow downloaded a virus or something.

Anyways, thankfully, we are now past that hurdle, and the video is finally up! Hope it brings you a little joy and entertainment today :)

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