Food: Ros Ni Yom Review II [Delivery]

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Restaurant: Ros Yi Nom, CA, Livermore

Delivery service used: The restaurant’s own (free over $30)
Date ordered: 9th May, 2020

Dishes ordered:

  1. Chicken Satay – $10.00 – 9.8/10
  2. Pad See Ew Chicken – $12.50 – 9/10
  3. Khao Pad Gai Tod – $13.00 – 9.5/10

See my review of the first 2 dishes in my previous review of this restaurant here. Yes, I did indeed order this the second I finished my review of the restaurant. Let that say something about my feelings for this place and those dishes lol.

Flavour: The Khao Pad Gai Tod was lush. That chicken… so succulent, so juicy, so perfectly crispy on the outside and so wonderfully soft on the inside… No wonder it’s a chef special. The fried rice complemented it well, though I found it mildly on the greasy side.

The description on the website says, “Deep fried boneless chicken over fried rice with egg, garlic white onion and tomatoes. Topped with cilantro and cucumber and served with sweet and sour sauce.” However, I did not find any sweet and sour sauce in our delivery bag or in the box, so perhaps they forgot to give that to us. (The sauce pictured belonged to the chicken satay.)

The tomatoes are actually a couple of thin slices of tomato placed between the chicken and the rice, presumably to stop the chicken from getting soggy sitting on the rice. I’m guessing they put the slices in there raw, and it then absorbs heat from the chicken so by the time it arrives at your door, it’s nice and soft while the chicken remains crispy. Smart.

Needless to say, the fried rice part consisted of rice fried with egg, garlic, white onions and scallions. There were no tomatoes mixed in the fried rice, thankfully.

Value for money: 9/10

I’m going to keep this at 9/10 because those satay skewers haven’t changed in portion size ;p I did appreciate the ‘discount’ from ordering directly rather than through DoorDash though.

Other: If you order through their website directly, it turns out that you can actually pick the spice level of your entrees, which was not an option available on DoorDash. Jacky subsequently chose ‘medium’ for his Pad See Ew, which he enjoyed more than when he tried mine the first time.

I can only deduce that the entree spice levels via DoorDash are at ‘mild’ because his medium was definitely spicer than when I had it. I’m glad for that, because I personally preferred it mild.

Again, our food arrived impressively hot, and they’d cut two air vent holes in the Khao Pad Gai Tod box, meaning the chicken breading remained deliciously crispy.

Would re-order/consistency: 10/10

This is very, very important this time. When you order anything from a restaurant you know you like, you want to be sure that what you’re getting this time is what you liked last time. It sucks when I go to a “favourite” restaurant only to find the chef’s changed and the food doesn’t taste as good anymore (looking at you, Elephant Sushi Oakland and Mien Tay Shoreditch. The disappointment was strong).

Both of the dishes we enjoyed last time came with the same great taste as before, and I was also impressed with the Khao Pad Gai Tod we tried this time. Okay folks, this is going to be our go-to Thai place in Livermore.

Overall Rating: 9.46/10

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