Fitness: Chloe Ting’s 2021 Get Fit Challenge – Week 2

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This post contains my workout summary for week 2 of the Chloe Ting 2021 Get Fit Challenge.

Last week I had such a great time with the first week of the challenge, but the weekend completely wiped me out. I didn’t have time or energy to actually do any working out in the end. We spent pretty much the entire weekend over at our new place just packing and unpacking, sorting out a lot of things that we need for the move, and that just completely tired me out.

We got a lot of stuff done though, so I’m really pleased with that. I might end up with a similar situation this week where I just simply won’t have time to exercise over the weekend but we will see. It’s July 4th weekend and we have plans, we need to get the house painted this week, and I think we have a friend coming over to help us move next week as well.

I’m looking forward to the moving process being over. It is stressful and tiring enough without being under a serious time crunch, so I am incredibly thankful that we have the luxury of moving in slowly. If that means that my workouts suffer for a couple of weeks, so be it. I don’t anticipate such issues arising for any future challenges after this!

Week Two

6/28 – Day 9: Completed 19:35.
Videos completed: 15min Arms, Get Fit Arms.

I slept terribly last night and I didn’t have enough sleep either; I woke up really tired and barely had energy all day, so I really considered skipping today’s workout but in the end decided that, no, I already missed day 6 last week I didn’t want to miss another day. What I did do, however, was to switch the workouts between day 8 and day 9.

Day 8 has three videos where is day 8 only has two so, to me, day nine seemed a lot more doable, and it worked out well that I did arms today since the day six videos that I skipped were arm videos anyway. Day 10 has a new full body workout video being released, so I don’t really think the order of these days matter as much. Tomorrow I’ll do day 8 and then will be all caught up again.

I used my 5lb dumbbells again today and focused on time under tension and counting my reps where possible. I wanted to get an equal number of reps done so my left arm doesn’t remain consistently weaker than my right. Some balance would be nice! I did my own quick little warm up and cool down today because I didn’t have the time or energy to do more, but most of all I’m just pleased I managed to exercise at all.

6/29 – Day 8: Incomplete.
Videos scheduled: 5min Warm Up, 15min Full Body, 15min Legs & Booty, 10min 6 Pack Abs, 15min Cool Down.

6/30 – Day 10: Completed 16:28.
Videos completed: 5min Warm Up, 20min Full Body, 10min 6 Pack Abs, 5min Cool Down.

Yesterday I had no energy again, and in the evening we needed to go and sort more things for the new place. We have painters coming over this week (praise God we managed to get them on such short notice!) and need to confirm the paint colours. It’s expensive to hire painters so we don’t really have the luxury of picking the wrong paint at this time.

I prayed pretty hard that God will help us find the right colours, and indeed we found a couple of new colours that we both really like! But it also meant that I wasn’t able to do my workout yesterday. I think it’s fine because today’s workout was full body, which will hit my legs anyway.

I loved the new workout video today. I think it might be my most favourite yet. I was honestly disappointed when the video ended because I wanted more. Chloe really outdid herself on planning these exercises! I used my 5lb dumbbells as usual for the full body workout (except for the plank moves), and for the ab video I decided to use a single 5lb dumbbell half way through because some of the exercises were beginning to feel too easy.

I felt like I could easily have done more reps for most of the full body video too, so perhaps this is a sign that I need to increase my weights. We’ll see! Either way, I am still loving this challenge!

7/1 – Day 11: Rest.

Too much to do, too tired. I needed that rest day.

7/2 – Day 12: Rest.

I took an extra rest day today. Just had too much to do today.

7/3 – Day 12: Completed 19:28.
Videos completed: 15mins Legs & Booty, Get Fit Legs.
Videos incomplete: 10mins 6 Pack Abs.

Today I made up for yesterday’s missed workout as best as I could. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons I ended up feeling too weak to complete all the videos. In fact, I was only able to finish the first video and 2 sets of the second video (I stopped right before the glute bridges towards the end). It took me 35min to get through 25mins of a workout, essentially. Still, I am proud of myself for getting through as much as I did!

I tried hard to work the right muscles and really felt it in my legs today as I made minor adjustments to my form and focused on my mind-muscle connection (it’s also possible I felt it more because I feeling weaker anyway). I used my 5lb dumbbells and light resistance band as appropriate. I followed Chloe’s prompts so used both a dumbbell and my resistance band for certain moves. It felt great.

I wish I wasn’t doing this challenge in the middle of moving. I love this challenge a lot but the moving is exhausting. We’re getting to crunch time this week so I think the stress is increasing. Jacky and I both decided to just take it easy today so we basically spent the day resting. We really needed it. We were supposed to go and clean the condo today but we were both just way too tired. We’ll go tomorrow after church instead.

7/4 – Day 14: Rest.

Today was Independence Day and we were busy all day. We went over to the new place and cleaned up a lot in preparation for our friends coming to help us move furniture tomorrow, while also moving a few more items in. Then we had a most amazing July 4th meal at one of Jacky’s auntie’s. It was amazing. No regrets for resting today.

7/5 – Day 13: Completed 16:50.
Videos completed: 15min Arms (x2).

I decided to make up for yesterday’s missed workout today as I really wanted to do an arm day. But today, I tried to challenge myself further. Half way through the first video, I added my 3lb ankle weights to my 5lb dumbbells to make a total of 8lbs. For the second video, I also started doing reps rather than only following the exercise duration.

I also focused on my left arm as it’s typically weaker, so for a lot of movements I worked my arms either one at a time, or just only worked my left arm. It was this that made me realise that I had been compensating with other muscles, or hadn’t been working my left arm properly when I was distracted by my right (stronger) arm.

It was great to give my left arm a proper, intense workout. I had to drop the weights back to 5lb for some moves when I was doing my left arm only so that just shows just how incorrectly I had been doing it before. I’m going to keep focusing on my left arm for the time being I think. Overall, really pleased with today’s workout.

Still loving this program! Only one week left.

Muchos love,


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