Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt for New Wet Food – Part 4

Hello. It is I, the cutest cutie in this household. My peasants went shopping for more food for me and I have it on good faith that they cleared out the Tiki Cat aisle for me. While my mum denies this, she can confirm that during their food shop they also got me two more new flavours to try.

They saw how much I loved the Aloha Friends Tuna & Pumpkin recipe so got me some of the other Aloha Friends flavours. The new flavours will contain more new fish that I’ve never tried before so I am looking forward to it, and, lucky you, you get to hear from me once more after this post.

I know, I know, it’s the best news you’ve read all day. Try to contain yourself. There should be another post from me in a couple of days but, in case you can’t wait that long, you can re-read all of my reviews so far and enjoy my blep in the meantime. I give the most adorable bleps.

Blep. Thank you.

Tiki Cat Baby Chicken & Salmon – Nom nom nom. This tasted very similar to the Wild Salmon & Chicken food, but it looked a bit more chicken-y. This can had more fat than the other one, is that why it’s for babies? But muuum, I’m not a baby anymore! Mum says the can advises it’s for all life stages but I refuse to be treated like a baby. I’m 8.5months old already!

I still enjoyed it though. Dad was very impressed when I absolutely licked my plates clean. I switched between eating my Kiwi and Tiki Cat when I got a plate with them both together too, so it’s safe to say I like this flavour. Mum is not a fan of how much fat this contains since the whole point of switching me to Tiki Cat was so that I’d have less fat in my diet, and I can’t say if I like this one more than the Wild Salmon & Chicken, so she probably won’t get me this one again.

I am enjoying the variety in my diet so far. If mum ever wants to get me a chicken and salmon flavour, she’ll probably buy me the non-baby version. As it should be, I am no baby after all. I like the taste of this though! 8/10. But too much fat for my diet, so 6/10.

Tiki Cat Baby Chicken & Egg – This one was fine. I opted to finish up my Kiwi before I finished my Tiki Cat, and even finished half of my freeze-dried before going for the rest of this. I mean, it’s not bad. Egg is a new flavour for me as well, and I am not in love with the strips of cooked chicken.

I like eating my chicken raw now. I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t prefer it. Plus it has too much fat in! I wouldn’t mind having it again, but it’s not my first choice. Also, mum, I’m not a baby! Don’t get me this one again please. It’s a 7/10, but we both know that you have better flavours for me.

I’m sooo excited to try tomorrow’s! I saw the new flavours mum and dad brought home; they’re… *whispers* tuna. HEEEE! YAY!



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