Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt For New Wet Food – Part 5

Hello, it is I, a Rory ball. Mum keeps calling me “a Dora ball” but I don’t know who Dora is, and I am clearly a Rory ball, doing regular Rory things. We both thought that my previous post would be the last one, didn’t we? Well, it’s a good thing I picked some excellent servants who rightfully enjoy spoiling me silly.

They came home with bags of new food and a new toy for me (which I am very happy with!! It’s a tunnel with a fluffy bed and a cute little boll dangling inside the tunnel and I looove it) and as part of their food haul they got me 2 new flavours of Tiki Cat Aloha Friends to try!

They saw how much I loved the regular Tuna & Pumpkin so figured why not get me some of the other recipes for me to try too? I have trained them well, if I may say so myself. I’m glad they have finally learned of my penchant for wet tuna. It took them long enough.

It has been given to me to know that they did not purchase more than one can of each of these two flavours because they weren’t sure how I’d take to them, since the recipes are not purely tuna. They got me loads of cans of the regular tuna & pumpkin as well as ahi tuna ones that I loved before though. Good servants.

So, here I am, trying out more flavours for your benefit, of course. I know that you wanted to hear from me again. It’s totally not for my benefit, nope, not at all. Try to curb your enthusiasm as you read through this okay? I know you must be very excited.

Tiki Cat Tuna, Ocean Whitefish & Pumpkin – OH MY TUNA!! I could just smell this the second dad opened the can and I thought I was going to go crazy. I was pawing and him and mewling at him and he just took his sweet, sweet time. That’s it. My parents have invented a new form of torture: opening the can and not immediately placing all its contents in front of me.

He took so long to prepare it that my freeze-dried food had come out of the feeder before he even gave me my wet food. Forget that freeze-dried food, I didn’t want any of it. Give me my tuna!!! Oh, my sweet tuna, how I’ve missed you… in my belly.

Dad gave me the Kiwi first. Okay, it was acceptable, I suppose. But I was keeping my eye on him and the second he seemed mostly done with ‘hiding’ my food, I dashed for the tuna. (They think they’re hiding it from me, but I already know all their hiding spots hehe. I’m too clever, but shhh, don’t tell them, okay? They might start changing the hiding places and then I’d have to wait even longer to get my food!)

Today’s food wasn’t just tuna and pumpkin though. Sadness. I’ve never tried the other fish before and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I didn’t finish all of my Tiki Cat immediately because I’m just not sure about the other flavour. Do I love the tuna? …Nooo, whatever could have given you that idea?

But do I love the whitefish? Hm. I’m undecided. I will eat it if it comes with tuna. But I still prefer just the tuna. 7.5/10.

Tiki Cat Tuna, Tilapia & Pumpkin – Mrooowwww! Mrrroooowww…! More tuna always makes me happy. As soon as the can opens and the smell wafts out you instantly have my attention. And my distain for not passing the food to me instantaneously.

But this one? Once I got it, I just didn’t like as much as my Kiwi. I think I like it about the same as the previous can, to be honest. I haven’t tried tilapia before either so the taste was foreign to me. There was a different fishy taste in the broth and mixed in with the tuna once more.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind, but I didn’t love it enough to not eat some of my freeze-dried first before hunting, and I didn’t love it enough to not finish the plates of Tiki Cat that I found before running off to hunt for my Kiwi. I polished my Kiwi off immediately, but this? I left half of it on the plate to try and find more Kiwi.

Mum and dad thankfully don’t have any more of this can, and I don’t want them to buy it for me again anyway. I’m getting the Tiki Cat tuna & pumpkin recipe, or ahi tuna recipes exclusively moving forward and I’m not mad about it at all. This one, I wouldn’t mind if they never got it for me again. 6.5/10.

That’s it from me! I don’t have any more reviews for you. If you want more, you’ll have to take it up with my mum. *I* don’t mind trying more food, but mum needs to approve!

I’m off for my afternoon nap now. Try not to miss me too much. Bye~


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