Kitten Diaries: Rory’s Hunt for New Wet Food – Part 3

Um… hi. I’m back. I ate more food and I have more thoughts. Did you miss me? Here’s another photo of my beautiful face and my cute little paws. It’s an older photo so I’m even smoller here. I know, I’m adorable! But more importantly, I have Tiki Cat food reviews for you!

I got two new cans over the past couple of days and… well… they weren’t bad. I can see that my peasants parents were trying. 10/10 for their valiant effort to get me flavours they thought I’d like. It’s possible that my taste buds have just changed as I’ve grown older, but I think my desire for chicken flavour has also been impacted by my recent bout of food poisoning à la Stella & Chewy’s.

Mum still hasn’t gotten round to returning that bag yet. She was previously too upset about me getting sick from it and worried that she’d get unjustly angry at the poor store employees if she went too soon after the incident. Then recently she’s either felt unwell or has been too busy with work.

Poor mum.

She does need to go to the pet food store though…I’m running out of Tiki Cat flavours! She needs to go buy me more food soon! …Maybe not either of these flavours though. I mean, I don’t hate them? But they’re not my favourites.

Tiki Cat Hookena Luau Ahi Tuna & Chicken – Remember when I said I hoped tomorrow’s flavour would be better? Well… It wasn’t. Not to be dramatic but I swear I am being abused! ABUSED, I tell you! I needed a 10/10 in flavour and I only got a 1! Why my mum thought that tuna and chicken would taste good together I could not tell you. I was so upset I needed to drown my sorrows in food so begrudgingly finished everything.

Well, I wasn’t about to let it go to waste, was I? But I sent clear signals to my parents that I did not appreciate this one nearly as much as the tuna on its own. Mum and dad were shocked apparently, because I’ve always loved the flavour of chicken and that’s all I would eat from other canned foods and treats. But who cares? I don’t like this one.

That’s not entirely true. I guess I liked the tuna part and ate all of that, but not before finishing off my Kiwi and half of my freeze-dried food first. I left the chicken bits until there absolutely wasn’t anything else to choose from. I hunted so hard too. I mean, obviously I chose this above finishing my freeze-dried food but that’s no surprise. But I didn’t finish my wet food like I usually do.

Okay, fine. I admit, it wasn’t terrible… It was definitely better than the Tuna & Crab. I will rate it a 6/10. For the tuna.

Mum has resolved to never buy me the Tuna & Crab flavour again because I did an absolute stinker in the litter box hehe. It shocked her because my poop had basically stopped smelling after I started eating freeze-dried food. I hope she doesn’t get me any of this again too.

Napili Luau Wild Salmon & Chicken – After yesterday’s can, it was about time I got something yummier! I licked all my plates clean and even chose this over my Kiwi. Mum gave me a plate of this alongside my Kiwi while I was eating my freeze-dried food. She watched me eat like a hawk, the weirdo. She says she just wanted to see if I enjoyed it.

I stopped eating my freeze-dried food when she brought it over and went straight for this flavour, even though she sprinkled some of my chicken treats as a topper for the Kiwi. She’s a sneaky one, my mum! But I knew her tricks. I ate the Kiwi pieces that had the chicken topper and finished off my Tiki Cat. I mean, I liked them both equally.

I am starting to trust my freeze-dried food again though. It hasn’t been upsetting my tummy lately so I wasn’t as quick to start hunting. Even though I knew it was hunting time, I still went back to my freeze-dried food after that first plate, and only went off to hunt after I had enough of the freeze-dried.

Yesterday the tuna and chicken was not my favourite. But I liked whatever chicken was in this one! Maybe it was fresher or just tasted better with the salmon, but I licked every single plate clean. I’m going to give it 7.5/10. Wouldn’t mind it again, but wasn’t as excited by this as the first two cans. They’re still my favourites.

Mum thinks I’ve grown again lately and I agree! My appetite has decreased a bit since I’m no longer growing as much. Sad, I wish I could eat more. Food is my favourite thing in the world. Well, aside from mum and dad, I guess.

I’m getting more to try tomorrow. Expect another post from me in a couple of days! Byeee~


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