Week 1 Recap

Yay this week has been super productive. And when I say week, I mean Jan 1-7th. Even though that’s 8 days. But whatever, I’m writing this now, ok?? :P

  • I blog 3x (this is the third!)
  • Exercised 4x (I just came back from getting my butt kicked by NCT 127’s Simon Says. Thanks, Yireh.)
  • Our new pastor started!
  • I read Bible & did devo daily, except Sunday… but that’s because on Sunday I got our pastor’s sermon notes (yay!) and was re-reading them at home and my brain was more or less exploding. (It was a really good sermon. On the Source, Service and Significance of Scriptures from 2 Tim. 3:16 – 4:2. Yep, 3 verses. I wasn’t able to fully get it during the sermon and even reading at home afterwards I felt my head pounding with all the info. I had to stop after section 1 to allow myself time to absorb. One day I wish someone would invent photosynthesis for humans and information.)

I think those were my primary goals fulfilled. Though getting more exercise wasn’t even on the list haha, but I guess I really wanted to stop being so unhealthy.

It feels great to be physically fitter, but more importantly it feels great to be in better shape spiritually. God knows I’d die without Him. I don’t even know what gave me the audacity to think I could handle my life alone for a while. 

Just being in a better place with Him has meant most if not all the stress has been lifted off my shoulders. I read an article about millennials being the the burnout generation, and to a large degree I agree, I can feel it in myself as well.

However, I suddenly had a thought that maybe a lot of the burnout also has to do with our generation being the one that is arguably furthest from God.

We are also the generation that has had the least reliance on Him, and if anything, the most resistance against Him. We are the generation that has banned Christianity from classrooms, workplaces, and… sadly, even some churches (I say this because the number of churches that teach true doctrine are dwindling. This is a fact. So many preach a gospel contrary to the one we have received from the early disciples and Jesus himself, and have chosen a form of ‘Christianity’ that suits them, and do not wish to be made uncomfortable with the truth). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why does this even matter? Arguably, I think, because we have lost sight of what is real and what is important, and we have lost our hope. As Christians, we believe that heaven begins here on Earth – our relationship with God has been established through Christ and while we live, we live for Him, and are being continually sanctified and conformed to the image of Christ as we seek to follow Him daily, eventually leading to our glorification in our new bodies in Heaven after we die.

And for Christians, that is what’s real. That is what is important, and that is what we hope in. Not this job, not this income, not this new partner, not our children, not this never-ending to-do list that should bring us a sense of accomplishment once we finally power through it all, but Christ. And crucially: this hope will not fall through. We know that God is a faithful God, and if He has promised these things to us, then He will not fail to deliver.

And so, as Christians — or at least, for myself — this truth will not just bring comfort, but joy. And it is this hope that allows Christians to sing praise even in the darkest of times.

We can seek Him when we are burnt out and just remember that there is glory in eternity waiting for us. One day we will rise with Him and join Him in a place of no more sorrow, and every tear shall be wiped away as we worship and adore Him forevermore. This world is temporary, it will come to pass, but His words will never pass away.

I’m not a very good Christian (and I am still and will remain a sinner until I am granted my glorified body in Heaven for sure), and so while I wish I could say I am always a testament to this truth, I know that I haven’t always been the best witness. However, please don’t let the behaviour of weaker Christians like me put you off from seeking hope and victory in Christ.

He is still working in me, and I am sure that if you seek him wholeheartedly, you will find Him. And you will experience your life changing as you meet your Saviour, Jesus Christ, creator of the heavens and the Earth. And He will restore you. And He will give you hope. And you will find all things paling in the light of Him and the eternal joy that awaits you.

Are we burnt out, Millennials? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because we have turned our backs on the Source of peace and rest.

…Welp. Didn’t mean for this short post to turn into erm… this. Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea and thanks for sticking through it while I just wrote out my train of thought (if you’re still there) o_o;;

I gonna go now… Pls enjoy some additional random pics from NYD.


Week 2 Recap

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