Week 2 Recap

Hm I seem to enjoy writing the most on Mondays, after I get home from dance class half-dead. Interesting… Not sure what that says about me but yay. Post!

This week I:

Exercised 2x. Okay, last week really kicked my butt. My body couldn’t take it. I slept like 12hrs on Saturday. I think going from 0 exercise to 4x/week was a bit too much of a shock to my system. Also, Simon Says is actually killer (killer, killer, killer… no, but seriously).

Yireh tends to cut our lesson a little short but I’m kinda glad she does because 30mins in, my body is shaking, I can’t breathe or guzzle water fast enough and kinda just want to curl up at the back of the room in the foetal position and not move for an hour. 45min in, my stamina is depleted and I resign myself to keeping my limbs as close to my body as possible and doing the minimum required turn to make it still look like I’m somewhat moving.

I have a new-found respect for NCT 127. I also hate them for making the dance look so easy.

(For some reason I decided to watch the dance vid again just now, I dunno why, maybe I like torture? But my body is hurting just looking at what we have to learn next week. I think I might cry.)

Ate at least 5 vegetarian meals! This wasn’t really a new year’s resolution although I joked about it with Jacky a few weeks ago. However, in general I like eating vegetables and I’m not sure my body always agrees with meat, so I guess this was a way of trying to eat clean…er…

That said, I did eat at least 2 veggie burgers (Trader Joe’s! With spinach), a packet of instant ramen (with the veggie sausage ‘bolognese’ I made. And spinach), and veggie fried ‘rice’ (but it was cauliflower ‘rice’ so basically I was eating a bowl of vegetables. Darn, forgot the spinach. Kidding. Wasn’t actually going to put spinach in anyway, but I did forget to put in the carrots, so darn all the same.)

I discovered a new-found love for Trader Joe’s which only took me 3+ years but I got there in the end (okay, don’t judge, we don’t have those in UK and I swear it is so bizarre going from Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s that sells absolutely everything under the sun, to Trader Joe’s that sells… like, their own-brand groceries and drinks and that’s about it).

The first time I ever shopped there, I didn’t realise they primarily sold their own-brand stuff so was so confused when I was trying to find brands I recognised. And yeah basically I walked out with a few bottles of coconut water and never went back. BUT since getting enough food to feed a small army last week for only $20 I am fully converted!!! This week my shop was $30 and I am still eating my 8 portions of spag bol (or ramen bol, whatever), veggie fried ‘rice’, veggie burgers and I haven’t even touched my butternut squash ravioli. Yay for saving money!

Jon and Michael also sponsored 2 of my meals tho cos a bunch of us pretty much spent the entire day at his on Saturday (after I woke up… in the afternoon…)

Look at all this food! I didn’t eat the meat. Thanks again for feeding us, Jon!

Did daily devo. After falling behind a little before (because I counted Sunday sermon review last week and Friday fellowship leading as devo) I’m now slightly ahead on my reading plan (I’m following the ReadScripture plan as it worked really well for me a couple of years ago).

I got to Joseph and it was too exciting to not keep reading. I mean, hello? The sheaves of wheat bowed to him and then he was sold by his brothers out of jealousy then ended up as Pharaoh’s #1 man and his brothers had to BOW TO HIM and beg him for food and he was like ‘you are spies!!’ – serves them right – and, well, obviously I couldn’t stop reading there.

I am, however, behind on MasterLife though (not sure how I managed that. I’ve only had 3 weeks to complete 1 weeks’ worth of material) so I’ll make sure that’s done by Thurs since ML resumes then.

And that… is a pretty long recap!

Please enjoy these photos of me fitting comfortably inside a plastic bag:

#bigamericanthingssmallasianbrit. I probably look a bit too happy inside that bag but there we go. This sums up the week pretty nicely.


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