Fitness: Doing Chloe Ting’s 2020 Summer Shred Challenge

Image screenshot: Chloe Ting 2020 Summer Shred Challenge

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It’s that time again where Jacky and I take on another one of Chloe Ting’s workout challenges. Yes, last time I said that we would start the new workout on Wednesday and that did not happen. We were both very tired that week and then my period started and I ended up feeling way too tender.

I was still nursing a headache this morning but I finally decided enough was enough, I can’t keep excusing myself from exercise, and now I can finally fill in that ‘exercise’ column of my new bullet journal, lol.

I checked out a number of her programs and ultimately decided this one would work best. Jacky’s a trooper and is just happy to do any exercise with me so he let me choose. He’s the best <3

I’m glad this challenge has a lot more rest days. But of course, you can afford to take more rest days if it’s more of a long-haul program. I think after doing her 2 Week Shred Challenge I’m less intimidated by a slightly longer program, it’s only approx. 22-45min per day, and now that we have a bit more strength from completing the previous challenge I do feel it’s a lot more doable. Oh! And I actually like the music for this one haha, which I learned is more important to me than I thought it would be.

We had a noise complaint from our downstairs neighbour last time (with whom we’ve now made peace by the grace of God and some homemade banana bread hehe) so we’ve decided to replace her “Ep 1: 12min Full Body Workout” video with her “Ep 4: No Jumping HIIT” video. This should also be easier on our bodies while still giving us a great workout.

Unlike last time, I’m not going to post my weight, but I will still post my waist and hip measurements. This time, Jacky made sure to take photos of where on my body I measured my ‘before’ from so we can make sure the measurement results are accurate.

Last time I measured my hips at the smallest part, but this time I’ve taken the measurement from the largest part of my hips as you’re supposed to. In addition, I’ve made mini-videos of my progress pictures so we’ll be able to better perceive if there is a difference.

I took these photos just before we started exercising. I ate in the morning (albeit not a lot) and had an iced coffee in my system, but these are pretty close to what I’d look like in the morning anyway.

Without further ado…

Starting Stats & Details

Start Date: 20th June 2020.
Workout Program: Chloe Ting’s 2020 Summer Shred Challenge.
Duration: 4 weeks.
Modifications: Replacing Ep 1’s HIIT video with Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT.

Waist: 70cm
Hips: 108cm 100.8cm (see end of week one update for an explanation for this)

Again my goal is to get into the habit of exercising regularly and feel fitter at the end of it, and any inches that may be lost throughout the duration of this challenge is going to be a big bonus.

I will not be changing my eating habits for this challenge either, but do in general aim to eat less sugar.

Week One

6/20 – Day 1: Completed 17:51.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs.

We had a great workout today! I was thinking the no jumping HIIT meant that it might be a little easier. Um, lol. I must have been born yesterday.

She really kicked our butts, but we only paused 4x, and we both actually just really enjoyed it. Like, really enjoyed. I could feel my core working, I could feel my body hurting but it was the good pain and it was controlled and all the movements were doable without me getting light-headed and feeling faint.

My abs were burning in the second video but I just love that we were both able to follow along well and get a really good workout. And just the fact that we both worked out after a 2 week hiatus! Very, very happy.

6/21 – Day 2: Completed 20:22.
Videos done: Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs, Flat Belly Round Butt.

Today we had a power outage and had a humongous Costco run. I think we bought enough groceries for the next two months. Jacky had to carry the groceries from the car all the way up to our floor so he was exhausted by the time it came to exercising. We’re also aiming to clean the house today… it’s a lot! Eventually Jacky decided he’d just take today as a rest day.

The old me probably would have just given up on working out today too, but for some reason I was determined to exercise. I am really enjoying this program; I think it helped me have good sleep last night and the more I do it, the more energy I seem to have. I had to take a break part way through because my nose started bleeding a little, but other than that it was a great workout.

6/22 – Day 3: Completed 10:15.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 3. Upper Body & Arms Workout, 10mins Toned Arms.

We worked out in the morning as Jacky has work on weekdays. We were planning to work out earlier but unfortunately I wasn’t able to wake up early enough. Our friends joined us on vid call as well, which was very fun albeit a little distracting haha.

My body was aching from my exercise last night, and my arms were clicking and going a bit numb so I did have to stop a couple of times to rest, but I still really enjoyed the workout today. I then made us both egg white breakfast burritos and iced lattes.

Honestly, I loved that. I didn’t think I was capable of being a morning-exercise person, but I think today proved me wrong. Since Jacky will probably have to start going back into work again soon we’ll be trying to exercise in the morning morning (then have breakfast together) on weekdays permanently moving forward. This will mean we’d eventually need to wake up at 7am but that’s what I’m aiming for anyway :)

6/23 – Day 4: Completed 16:29.

Oh my gosh. Today is an active rest day, so I figured I’d “rest” by doing the house cleaning I didn’t do on Day 2. It pretty much took all day since I started in the morning then took a few breaks along the way. My Apple Watch says total cleaning time was over 2hrs – this did not take into account the cleaning that I’d already done before I decided to start tracking it on my watch, and I also paused the timer when I was resting.

I didn’t sleep that well last night either, so I. am. exhausted.

On the bright side, I did more or less all the cleaning I was planning to do and the apt is a lot sparklier, yey.

It’s kind of weird but I was a bit disappointed I didn’t have any workouts to do today. If we’d cleaned on Saturday like we’d originally planned to, I told myself I’d just do her 500 Reps Shredded Abs workout anyway because I still wanted to exercise. This is very different from how I felt doing her 2 Week Shred Challenge; I now realise that that one was probably too intense for me to do properly and as a result I’d probably done many of the moves incorrectly to make it easier for myself, which also likely affected my results.

So far this challenge is pushing me in all the right ways – I feel the burn where I’m supposed to when I’m doing it and I feel the mild aches the day after that tell me it’s working, and that’s just really exciting for me. I am glad I started with the 2 Week Shred though, because I don’t think I’d have been able to commit to a longer fitness regimen when I was just getting back into exercise. I’d consider myself to be at a beginner-intermediate level of fitness and quite commitment-phobic, in case that helps you decide a specific challenge to take on haha.

6/24 – Day 5: Incomplete 09:44.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs (partial).
Videos incomplete: Ep 3. Upper Body & Arms Workout.

This morning I woke up very groggy. I think I overslept so I’m just sluggish in general. We started exercising within 30min of me waking up, and just during the first video I could feel myself taking shortcuts on the movements and not working my muscles like I was supposed to. When I did try to work harder, my heart rate went up so much it made me feel light-headed so I had to take multiple breaks.

I did manage to complete the first video, but I was not feeling well at all – faint, dizzy, light-headed… hungry. After spending the majority of the first two movements of Ep 2. in a child’s pose, I called it quits to get some food in me. I figured if I’m feeling better later, then I’ll do the rest of the videos for today. If not, I’ll leave it there because my body needs rest.

Jacky struggled through the second video but went away immediately after. It turns out that he felt like he was going to throw up so he just finished the video and ran off to cool down with a shower. We were originally aiming to do all 3 videos plus the optional “Sexy Back & Abs Workout” but clearly that is not going to happen, and that’s okay.

I weighed myself this morning and I have gained about 0.5lbs, and I’m kind of excited about that because my body typically puts on muscle faster than it loses fat. More muscle is conducive to fat-loss anyway, and any time I get really into working out I always gain weight before I lose any.

Plus, right before the workout, I was texting my friend Annie and telling her how great I thought I was looking haha. I really do feel like my body looks tighter and my workout clothes are fitting better (I was starting to get a bit chubby for them). We’re going to try to work out together tomorrow.

6/25 – Day 6: Completed 10:53.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs, Abs in 2 Weeks.

Aw man, doing that “Abs in 2 Weeks” video again today just reminded me why I hurt so much during her previous challenge haha. I realised today that her music is too fast for me in that video, meaning that I either take shortcuts on the movement to keep up or fall flat on my face from exhaustion because I can’t handle the burn, neither of which is conducive to to an effective workout. Nevertheless, I still feel I had a really good workout overall, I only felt light-headed briefly when we went from standing to lying down, and I’ve definitely recovered since yesterday’s failed attempt (I didn’t end up trying the other workouts later on in the end. I was pretty knackered all day).

We worked out with both Jon and Annie today. I put together a little playlist on YouTube so we can all go through the day’s exercise together. Took a while to figure out the technical difficulties but it was really fun to exercise together. I feel like it was motivational for me at least.

We have another rest day tomorrow! Again I’m a little surprised and disappointed since it feels like every other day is a rest day lol, but working out 5x/week probably makes most sense so that my body can rest. Annie suggests doing a yoga stretch routine for the rest days so if I feel alive enough I’ll aim to do that tomorrow.

I’ll also post some end-of-week-1 updated photos. I’m really liking the changes I see so far!! Annie told me to take the photos with my camera lower down so the pics aren’t as slanted, which I tested yesterday and it really does look more true-to-life, so do check back for those :)

6/26 – Day 7: Rest & Update Day.

Good morning~ It is day 7, I am tired because I didn’t sleep much last night, and I noticed that the left side of my neck is hurting. I’m wondering if it’s because I was straining my neck whilst doing the “Abs in 2 Weeks” video yesterday because it was starting to hurt before I went to bed last night. I stretched it out this morning and it’s a lot better but there is still a mild pain when I turn my head too much or rotate my arms.

Anyway, the point is, I need the rest day. Lol. So I’m definitely just going to rest today. Also, it’s the end of the first week so that means I will post some update thoughts and photos!

Waist: 70cm (+/- 0cm)
Hips: 100cm (-8cm -0.8cm)

End of Week Thoughts
Firstly: woah, what? I had to double check the hips thing because I don’t recall them being that much, and to lose 8cm in a week is ridiculous. Then I went back to the photo Jacky took of my measurements and lol it turns out my ‘before’ hips were 100.8cm, not 108cm. BIG difference haha. I’ve updated the ‘before’ measurement now.

So yes I lost 0.8cm. In one week! Yay. My hips are the area I carry a lot of fat on so I’m really happy to see that shrinking. My waist measurement hasn’t changed but honestly I don’t care, I can see my abs getting tighter and I love that.

Also worth noting is that my green sports bra is in a size ‘Small’ but the black sports bra is sized ‘Medium’. Before I started Chloe’s 2 Week Shred, my green sports bra was honestly a bit small for me with all the excess chub I was carrying on my underarms and back. I didn’t measure those but just from how well the sports bra now fits the difference is obvious. I already liked my body before but seeing results makes it even more encouraging for me to keep going.

These are just the visible changes.

Mentally I’ve noticed I have more energy, I don’t get sick as easily or frequently, I don’t have as many headaches and even when I do they aren’t as painful and don’t last as long as before. But the main thing I’d really like to combat is my perseverance, or lack, thereof.

I have the habit of exercise yo-yo-ing, meaning I’ll exercise hard for a short period of time, lose some inches, then stop working out while eating fatty foods and gain those inches back, then rinse and repeat.

I really hope this can be the start of a long-term lifestyle change. I want to be able to keep it up as a regular habit; a marathon, not a sprint. I don’t want to just stop exercising when I drop down to a certain number on the scale or measuring tape. I want to keep going for the health benefits, and not get lazy or complacent when I feel like I’m doing fine.

This is just something that I struggle with in general. It’s a bad habit of mine that I get overly obsessed with something, go all-in for a period of time, then burnout and ditch it for a period of time, then go back. Little by little, I’m trying to build up regular habits that can persist for a lifetime by keeping things in moderation so I don’t lose motivation.

So far, I think the Summer Shred challenge has been perfect for me in terms of difficulty. I am really enjoying the pace, workouts, music etc. so I do think I can keep going for another 3 weeks and then try another of her longer challenges. I love that she has so many to choose from so I am unlikely to get bored from doing the same one over and over. I really appreciate the number of rest days too, so I can give my body a break without feeling guilty for not exercising on a day I should have been.

I think the intensity of her short-term challenges is definitely too much for me at my current fitness level, but maybe one day when I’m strong enough I’ll do another one of those.

Week Two

6/27 – Day 8: Completed 19:47.
Videos done: Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs, Ep 3. Upper Body & Arms Workout, Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, 10mins Toned Arms, Cooldown (partial).

Today our friends Ryan and Noah joined us for the first three videos. It was really fun to work out together and I am infinitely proud that Noah joined in on exercise for like the first time EVER haha. She actually enjoyed it and said she’d join us again some time!

I am also very proud that I was able to do real plank jacks for the first time ever. Usually I do the non-jumping variation of plank jacks because I just can’t, but today I tried them and suddenly I was just… able to do them. Properly. For 10 seconds, anyway. I hate them and was also worried about disturbing our downstairs neighbours so went back to the easier variation because I can do those more controlled. Still, If that’s not a testament that I gained some strength, I don’t know what is :)

I also thought I’d do Chloe’s Cooldown video today but I got about half way through and then didn’t want to follow it anymore haha. I love her workout videos, but she’s really not the most flexible so the duration of her cool-down stretches leave something to be desired.

To be honest, I almost thought we wouldn’t work out today because I was so tired I took a 2hr nap in the afternoon at the time we’d originally agreed to exercise, then I woke up groggy and hungry (that’s right, I’m a pig). But then I really didn’t want to just give up, especially when I felt personally responsible for ensuring Noah exercised today (mwahaha), so after a smoothie and an hour’s rest, I called her up and we went for it.

So far there have been many different things that have kept me going and motivated to exercise even when I didn’t want to. Today was wanting to make good on my word that I’d drag my friend to exercise with me. It worked out, it was great. Physically I feel great and more energised. Mentally I feel accomplished. Big thumbs up today.

6/28 – Day 9: Incomplete.

Honestly the chances of exercise happening today were slim to none in the first place. Last night I was only able to sleep for 4hrs with majorly disrupted sleep throughout because of the pungent smell of weed coming from our bedroom sink and our en-suite bathroom.

After complaining about it for almost a month, I finally escalated the issue as an urgent matter because of the toll it is taking on my health. Thank God that our apartment complex is now taking serious measures to prevent it from happening again, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am exhausted from the entire ordeal. I’m resting up today.

6/29 – Day 10: Incomplete 16:52.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs.
Videos incomplete: 15mins Sexy Legs & Booty.

I guess we’re not doing the 15min Sexy Legs and Booty vid this challenge because Chloe doesn’t bring it back, heh. Anyways, after being able to sleep well last night, I was surprised at how tired and weak I was in the afternoon, but I suppose my body is still in recovery mode.

We were aiming to do Day 9‘s videos today because we skipped a day yesterday, but right at the start of the first video I injured my left thigh. It hurt to put my weight on it so I had to be careful throughout the work out and, coupled with my lethargy, I just decided to not the leg workout video.

I was also hungry so that could have contributed to my lack of energy (heh heh), so I cooked us a large, protein-filled dinner immediately after. Whew, I may have eaten too much because I’m now feeling sleepy. Wow, I’m such a pig haha.

6/30 – Day 11: Completed 10:20.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 5. Lower Abs Workout, Back Workout.

Oh man… I just realised that the Lower Abs Workout was a new video for her Summer Shred Challenge and it is coming back multiple times. Gosh, that one was actually killer. I was barely able to do half of the reps Chloe did and I was questioning if my fitness level had even increased given the amount I was struggling.

The Back Workout was a huge struggle as well oh my gosh. The video thumbnail says,”Back & Arm Workout,” so I thought it wouldn’t be that bad (because I’d been enjoying her arm workouts and have been able to complete them) but NOPE. I was wrong. So wrong.

My left leg was still hurting so I’d taken it easy on the HIIT video, but my leg being in pain when I rested on it would’ve had absolutely nothing to do with how difficult I found the other two videos. Good job, Chloe, you kicked my butt today and I really enjoyed the challenge.

We had so many people working out today that we had to split into two groups haha. Apparently 4 more people are now regularly working out to her videos because of me, hee. You’re welcome, Chloe ;p

Today was supposed to be a rest day and we completed her Day 10‘s set today, so we’re now officially caught up to her regular schedule. There are only 2 more days to go before the next rest day anyway, which works for me just fine! (That said, the next two days are gonna be super intense… gah!)

7/1 – Day 12: Incomplete.

Welp… looks like exercising isn’t going to happen today. Firstly, I slept stupidly late last night so didn’t wake up early enough to work out. Secondly, even after waking up I haven’t had time because I’ve been on the phone to a friend all day. Jacky and I are planning to meet up with her and her hubby for a couple of days over the weekend now that small-scale gatherings are permitted. We are still going to be very careful, but this is the first time in 4 months that we made plans and didn’t cancel due to COVID so we’re really looking forward to it!

Finally, I am just in freaking pain; that Back & Arm Workout from yesterday has clearly been working and, well, it’s now 21:35 so it’s time to throw in the towel and accept that there’s no way I’ll be able to do all those videos today (especially that Upper Body & Arms Workout video — that’s a big fat nope from me.) Looks like Chloe really knew what she was doing when she put a rest day after Day 10 haha. It also looks like me and that Ep 3. video just aren’t meant to be, because this is now the second of three times that I haven’t been able to do it.

Tomorrow I’ll add the Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs video to the workout list to make up for not doing it today, and we’ll give up on trying to catch up on the workout days we didn’t do. We’re going to be busy on Friday and walking around a lot, so we’ll definitely be taking that Active Rest Day.

7/2 – Day 13: Completed 11:00.
Videos done: Ep 4. No Jumping HIIT, Ep 5. Lower Abs Workout, Grow Booty Not Thighs, Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs.

Whew! What a workout today. Jacky did not join but I exercised with my friends Jon and Flora. The Lower Abs video hurt like hell but we got through it all in about an hour. My left leg is no longer hurting, and I really felt my core engaging, so I was able to have a much more effective workout today. We took a bit more of a break after the first two videos, but we managed to do it all without stopping otherwise.

I definitely feel stronger — compared to the Lower Abs Workout, that 500 Reps workout was almost like a break haha. That said, it was a lot today, and I’m glad I had friends to exercise with otherwise I probably would have given up.

Mental fortitude was everything today. I felt myself getting tired then suddenly something clicked in my mind saying, “No! Ease in to the burn, focus, enjoy the burn; that shows it’s working. You can do this; your friends are doing it too!” — And I was able to push through.

I definitely feel like I earned that rest day tomorrow! I just realised that we’re already half way through, how the time has flown. I was looking at Day 15‘s videos last night and I am not looking forward to that “Ep 6. Intense Full Body HIIT” video — we haven’t even been doing the regular Full Body HIIT video, gah!! Just watching it makes me shudder. But we’ll see how it goes… I’ll most likely stick to the non-jumping variations and do as much as I can. Baby steps :)

Update photos tomorrow!

7/3 – Day 14: Active Rest & Update Day.

Ahhh goodness I am so tired. It is 22:57, I am sitting in a hotel room (review to come) and have been walking around for half the day before coming back for evening fellowship. I took an extra rest day this week, but I think I made up for it by how active I was today.

In terms of update photos though…

Waist: 70cm (+/- 0cm)
Hips: 99.5cm (-0.5cm)

End of Week Thoughts
I am really happy with how my hips are slimming down. Surprisingly my waist has continued to remain the same but there are definite changes in how defined my upper abs are becoming. I realise you can’t see my lower abs with the bottoms that I’m wearing, but don’t worry — there aren’t any anyway. I think there’s also less fat on my back, which I’m thrilled about.

In terms of workouts, I have continued to enjoy her Summer Shred series. I like the variety, I still like the exercises, I am also happy that she adds other, more challenging videos into the mix too (like that Day 11 Back Workout video — ohhh my goodness).

I’m exhausted and need to sleep now. 2 more weeks to go!

Week Three

7/4 – Day 15: Completed 10:07.
Videos done: Ep 2. 500 Reps Shredded Abs, Ep 6. Intense Full Body HIIT.

I’m so glad we were able to exercise in a ground floor hotel room this morning because when we jumped, the earth shook. I’m also very glad we did not attempt the Ep 5. Lower Abs Workout video as well because we would have well and truly died.

Ep 6. was so difficult, I was dying hard throughout the first two sets. We did have to pause half way through to take a longer break because, well, dying. My sweat soaked through my towel and my back sweat imprinted my bra outline onto my yoga mat, mmmmm…

I really enjoyed the workout though, it was sooo hard but I completed it at my own pace (which was much slower than Chloe’s but hey! I did it) and felt very accomplished afterwards, especially since I did all the intense moves except high knees. Jacky managed to get through most of it too! We were rushing to meet our friends this morning and he was exhausted so he stopped before the last set and went to shower first.

Someone said in one of the comments on YouTube that, “You know Chloe’s been working you hard when a plank feels like the best thing ever.” — I finally understood what that meant and ohmygosh I agree wholeheartedly hahaha. But I’m also then very impressed at how strong my body has become, in that I literally felt like a 30 second plank was a break. Thrilled!

7/5 – Day 16: Incomplete.

I am feeling extremely tired today. It’s probably all the lost sleep catching up on me while still having to wake up early for church, as well as having drank wine again yesterday, and having had a sip of wine for communion this morning.

Tomorrow is a rest day but I’ll be taking that rest day today otherwise I fear I may be sick. I have a very mild headache right now and don’t want to push myself. Jacky is doing the workout with our friends Jon and Ryan and Noah, plus one of Jon’s friends. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.

Muchos love,


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