Food: Stop Eating This!

I feel like I need this post for myself. I have the worst memory and I always seem to think that a certain food or establishment is a good idea when I get a craving, but every single time I order it again I am disappointed. It’s a waste of money, it’s a waste of stomach space, it’s bad for me, the list goes on.

So here it is, a list of dishes or restaurants that I dislike, or at least would prefer for myself not to eat at anymore. Not to say that you shouldn’t eat it/there… but I don’t recommend it for me, and hope that checking back here would remind me why I shouldn’t be going back to them.

I will update this list as necessary. In alphabetical order:

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What… And Where?

So, first day out in Spain… We had no idea where to go, what to do, what to eat (we were seriously disorganised. My parents decided to go on the holiday then demanded I do all the research, despite me having a full time job and erm, no time to research). We decided to wing it.

We drove to Cartegena, found somewhere to eat (ish) that was open, had relatively decent ratings on Google and was close (ish) to where we were trying to head (ish). They didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Spanish. This was obviously going to turn out well.

After battling with the menu we managed to order…

Bobbieness in Cartegena
Clockwise from top left: tiny, slimy eel – whole, eyes and all with pickled onions and prawns | green goop (supposedly avocado mush), crumbled hard-boiled egg droppings with prawns | potato salad, anchovies and olives. Read More