Life’s a Beach

The weather forecast was accurate for once and the sun did indeed come out on Thursday! Thursday 10th April, that is. Yes, this post is looong overdue and I’m so sorry! I promise to be better with posting going forward. I know I’ve promised that before, but I really mean it.

You’re allowed to tell me off if I skip posting for a week.

Anywho, it was sunny and we were in Spain. There was only really one thing to do… we went to the beach.

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Bloomin’ Beautiful

Where’ve I been for the past week or so? Chillaxing in not-so-sunny Spain! Some photos to come, but my final pre-Spain adventure was at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in London. I originally hadn’t intended on taking photos as J and I just wanted to enjoy the day and wander around, but once we actually got in it was so pretty I totally couldn’t resist!

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A Sad Announcement…

Hey guys…

I’ve had this blog for a while now and believe me, I really, really love it. I’ve had friends and colleagues tell me they enjoy reading it and even kind comments from readers I’ve never met before, and I love that – thank you all so much. You have no idea how much that all means to me.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I will no longer be able to blog. It breaks my heart to say, especially as I’ve just got back into blogging regularly. You have no idea how much I wish things could be different but it is with a heavy heart that I must now announce I have to shut down the blog.

I can’t tell you much about it, but I can only hope for your understanding and support.

Thanks so much for sticking with me for as long as you have. I hope this won’t truly be the end though so as soon as anything changes I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Take care, and don’t get into too much trouble in the mean time.

I’ll leave one last silly pic for you to make this a less painful goodbye. I did say I’d post some face-pulling photos after all. Please do click the read more below.
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A Weekend In Paris

I wasn’t originally going to blog this as I still prefer to keep some memories private, ones that I feel are too precious to be spoken about openly. But having gone through my pics, there are still some that I am dying to share with you.

Again in November, J and I decided we would go for a weekend trip to one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Here are some highlights:

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